Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Marathon Recap

Craig and I trained for 18 weeks.  We both registered for the NH Marathon.  He had a death in his family that took him back to AL for the weekend.

I was getting nervous about this race early in the week, completely doubting myself and all the hard training I had done.  Once we found out Craig would not be able to run, my doubts became even stronger.  I thought about swapping to the half.  I thought about not going at all.  I mean there was rain in the forecast and the morning of, it was raining.  I did go, and I did run!

At about 6:30 am, I had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a bit of honey sprinkled on top.  I drove the hour to the race and checked in and then sat in my car.  I got all of my stuff ready and ate half of a banana and drank some water.  I went to the restroom and then to the start line.  Thankfully the rain had stopped.  It was about 50 degrees, which was pretty nice.  I took my phone and ear buds just in case I wanted to listen to music, but I actually find it pretty distracting most of the time and I never used them.

The gun went off at 9 am.  I started with tears in my eyes, thinking I can't believe I'm about to run a marathon.  The first 13 miles were VERY hilly, but I felt really good.  I went to the restroom at the halfway mark.  At mile 14, my feet were hurting pretty bad.  For some reason, the balls of my feet burn and hurt after about 5 miles, on every single run.  I got to talking to another lady who was running her 60th, yes 60th marathon, and was running another one the following day.  CrAzY!!!  She was very encouraging.  She did tell me that when I was done, I would be hooked.  I was thinking, if I get done, I'm DONE!!!:)

By mile 18, I was tired and hungry, but felt like puking too, my feet were hurting, and all my leg muscles were feeling tight.  I was taking a honey stinger every 30 minutes, and drinking Gatorade every 15 minutes.  By mile 20, I could have laid down in the road.  I could have cried.  I was SO ready to be done, and I still had 6.2 miles to go.
Mile 20.  Pretty scenery, but I was so tired and sore, so it was hard to take it all in.

By now, I'm just celebrating every mile marker, dreaming of the finish line and getting some chocolate milk. HA!  Oh, and if I heard one more person say, you're almost there or it's all down hill from here, I was gonna scream.  That's real easy to say when you haven't already ran 20 something miles.  However, I do know that all mean well and are just trying to be encouraging which I really do appreciate!  When I Finally saw the turn that I knew was very close to the finish line, I was SO excited. 

I had no time goal for this race.  My one and only goal was to finish.  I did hope to finish within 5.5 hours though.  I finished in 5:14:32.  I averaged a 12:00 minute pace.  The first half was at a much quicker pace, but the 2nd half threw it all off.  I was seriously thinking, I sure wish I was only running the half about that time too:)  While running and even when I finished I said I don't think I will ever do this again, but after I slept, I think I probably will.  I will train harder to work on endurance for that 2nd half.

The Lord truly helped me every step of the way.  Craig trained with me almost the whole 18 weeks, and he supported and encouraged me.  The girls were always very encouraging.  I'm very thankful I did it and now I can say I AM A MARATHONER!!!

NH Marathon 2016

I stretched right after the race (I didn't last year, so I learned my lesson).  I had a hour drive home, so I did get a little stiff, but I took something to help with the discomfort before leaving the race.  I did sleep well that night, thankfully.  I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be the next day, but a little ache, soreness, and tightness.  I will rest for a week and then get back to working out!

I was very excited to add this accessory to my car!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Abby actually made her birthday breakfast because she likes cooking.  She made eggs, bacon, and cinnamon toast.  It was delicious of course.

Her pick for lunch was Olive Garden.  After we picked Craig up, we headed for lunch and really enjoyed each others company.  Craig had to be away for the weekend for a funeral, so we were happy to have him back home!

We gave Abby her birthday gift on Kyndal's birthday, which was a new phone.  Kyndal gave her a gift at lunch.

This was on Kyndal's birthday when they both got new phones.

Kyndal's gift to Abby, and she was very happy!

We did a little shopping after lunch and then back home for the evening.  Abby requested Steak tips, loaded mashed potatoes, and salad.  She wanted brownies and ice cream for her dessert.  I forgot to take a picture of her dinner.  I always forget at least one picture!

She had a great birthday!  We had lots of fun celebrating her!  Here's to many more birthday's with this special girl!

Monday, October 3, 2016

13 years old


It's hard to believe you are a teenager.  I remember you being a baby and toddler as if it were yesterday.  You are a sweet, pretty, smart, and responsible young girl.  Continue to have a heart for Jesus first, and for others.  Always seek His face and His ways, and you will do well.  We hope you have the most wonderful birthday.  We love you SO much!  Love, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


On Kyndal's birthday, she saw the picture I posted of her on IG and she said, why did you post a picture of Anna Claire to wish me a Happy Birthday.  I started laughing, and said, Kyndal that is you, not Anna Claire.  She couldn't believe it.  We tell her all the time how much they look just alike.  So we did a side by side of them in the same dress, and same location.  Kyndal was 7 in her picture, and Anna Claire is 6 in hers.  It is the same dress, just different lighting.

Kyndal on the left, and Anna Claire on the right!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Room Makeover

Kyndal chose to spend her birthday money on doing a makeover in her room.  She did a great job and it turned out very cute.  She loves it, so that's what's important.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birthday celebration

Kyndal wanted strawberry waffles for her birthday breakfast, and her sweet sister made them for her. She wanted the Chinese buffet for lunch, and I forgot to take her picture there.  She wanted to go shopping at the mall, where she got some new earrings.  Then she wanted to go to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby to do some shopping for her bedroom makeover!  She wanted chicken casserole, baked beans, and Parmesan noodles for dinner!  She chose to have milkshakes from Five Guys as her bday dessert!  She said it was a really good birthday, so that was great!

She got a new phone for her birthday and was very surprised and excited!

Gifts from her sisters, that she already knew about, so her surprise is fake if you can't tell!

Her and her Daddy love this game at Chuck E Cheese, so we went there for a little bit after lunch

Thursday, September 22, 2016

11 years


Kyndal, you are a precious child whom we love dearly.  You are funny, sweet, and smart.  You talk to us about what's on your mind and you enjoy learning new things.  You are a great helper, a great daughter, and a great sister.  We hope you and hope you have the most wonderful birthday, and many many more.  We all love you so much!  Love, Mom and Dad