Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday night, the girls watched one of the movies they checked out from the library.

No, Anna Claire did not sit there and watch more than 10 minutes of the movie!

Saturday morning, the big girls and myself went to a cheerleading program that Haley was in.  It was a fun time and the girls really enjoyed it.

That afternoon, we didn't do too much.  Washed some clothes, washed some dishes, did a little cleaning, cooked dinner and helped Dad with a project he was doing.  After dinner, we played a family game of Skip Bo.  We had to teach the girls how to play and we had a good time.

Daddy won!!!

I braided some little girls hair.  Kyndal's does really well, I guess because it's thin and I can do so many small braids.  Abby's does well too, but she has very thick hair, so I don't do as many braids, because it would take Forever.  Kyndal always gets so many compliments when it's done like that.  Not the braids, the outcome!!Ha  It is really cute!

She wanted me to take her picture too!

We had combined Worship Service last night at a sister church to present something that several of the pastor's are putting together as an outreach to children this summer.  It was a really nice time.  So Sunday afternoon, the girls went to help Craig set up everything while I did our last week of school's lesson plans!!!
We had a really good relaxing and quality time spending weekend!

Let me just brag on this girl a little:  She is so helpful to me around here.  She will do just about anything I ask of her with no complaints (she does complain occasionally, but not often).  She helps with the baby alot too.  We got home late last night and I still had to give AC a bath and get the dinner warmed up.  Abby said I will give AC a bath while you do dinner if you want me to.  I let her and she always does a good job.  However, the little stinker (AC) refuses to let Abby put clothes on her!  She (Abby) is getting so big!

Kyndal is a good helper around the house too!  She cleans up after herself without me telling her too most of the time and she does her chores without me asking her to.

If I squat to take her picture, she does the same thing!

Silly girl!!  I really like this outfit, it was Abby's!  Abby, Kyndal, Marley, and now AC wear it and it still looks brand new! (the bow came out, oh after 2 minutes)

When I was getting gas on Friday, Abby said, Momma why does the money number go so much higher and faster than the gallon number!?!?!?  She said, wouldn't it be neat if gas was only $.80?  Um, yep it would:)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


The other day, Abby and Kyndal were outside playing and they came in for a few minutes to do something.  When they went back out, Abby came Flying back in the door yelling, there's a turtle out there.  It was hilarious.  It scared her to death.  Those who know her well, know she is terrified of animals, even little turtles.  Once she saw that it doesn't do much, she started playing with it.  It finally made its way to the neighbors yard.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our church's revival services this week.  They were wonderful services indeed.  We had some excellent preaching of God's Word, and an excellent leader of Worship through song. 

Last night of revival service!

We, as a family, received a wonderful blessing from the Lord yesterday that we are SO very thankful for!

I took the girls to the library today to get some books and they each picked out a movie too.  Now that school is all most over, we will be visiting the library more for the fun things they host in the summer.

Abby's face here is priceless!

She was mad that she didn't get in on the picture with the big sisters!

Have a Great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So yesterday I was headed to our 6th adoption class and I like to stop by Sonic and get a large cup of ice for the road.  Craig was unable to go to this class because we are having Revival at our church.  Yes, he has to make up that class next week.  You can't just skip classes and you can actually only miss 2.  Ok, back to the point, so as I'm pulling out of Sonic's drive thru there was a car sitting half way in the drive thru and half way out, I guess waiting for food or something.  I was going to slowly pull around her to get out.  Well, as I slowly pull around I ran right into the corner of a curb and my tire BUSTED!  It was so loud, people in Sonic came out, and immediately the air came out so I couldn't really move.  Thankfully Sonic is right around the corner from our house and I call Craig (who leaves his phone on vibrate, so I was praying he would hear it and answer), to come help me.  He had all 3 girls, because the baby sitters were not coming until 5:30 since Craig would be there.  He comes in his little truck with all 3 girls and we haven't ever had a flat in our van so we didn't know where the spare tire was or how to get to it.  Long story short, someone came to help Craig and our baby sitters showed up 30 minutes early and I left in his truck to head to class.  I called the church (where class is) to tell them I'm running about 20 minutes late, and I was exactly 20 minutes late.  We all bring food to class for dinner since we are there during dinner time and I had the main part of dinner so they had to wait on me, but all was good.  At one point I didn't think I was going to make it at all, but thankfully I did.

Ok, so on the way there, I kid you not, I almost had a head on collision with a truck who was not paying attention and came right over in my lane.  Again, thankfully I saw him in time to get over out of his speeding way.  Boy by the time I got to class I was nervous nelly.  I prayed hard to make it back home safely that night, and I did.

I'm really trying to focus on the positive things these days, so in all of this I was thankful ...

1.  Craig was at home to help me.
2.  I was right around the corner from the house.
3.  Someone came to help him (he said getting that tire out was a nightmare).
4.  Our sweet baby sitters (or kid sitters as Abby says) came early.
5.  I could take Craig's truck.
6.  Craig still had time to get ready for revival amongst all my "drama".
7.  I didn't have a blowout going 70 down the Hwy. (instead it busted at Sonic) b/c I was barely moving, I promise.
8.  I am getting 4 new tires in the am.
9.  The Lord protected me from a head on collision.
10. I made it home safe and sound, with a headache, but safe!

Much more I could list here, but I will end there.  Grateful, Grateful, Grateful!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


we have 3 girls who have and do sleep so well.  All 3 girls started sleeping through the night somewhere between 6-10 weeks old.  They have all been good sleepers and still are.  They were all good nappers and AC still is.

There are some days where Anna Claire's nap gets interrupted by co-op or something else going on and when we get back home I can just put her back in the bed and she goes right back to sleep.

They usually go to bed at 8 pm every night except on Friday they stay up until 9 pm.  They are usually up between 7-7:30 am.  Occasionally they will get up a little earlier or a little later.

Thankfully, I have had the privilege and honor to stay at home with them since before Abby was born and not really had to have a set wake up time with the exception of when they were at Parkview.  We do start school at 8:30 am, but they are all up and have eaten by then, so it's all good.

I go in and check on them each night before I go to bed and if I get up during the night, I go in then too.  This one particular night, the big girls had the cover down like this, I guess trying to make a tent or something, who knows.  AC was sleep in a funny position too.

Love to see some sweet sleeping children.  I love that they are all in a room together too, it works out well for us.  Now, when we switch AC to a toddler bed, that will might be a different story!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

She is...

a Daddy's girl to the core.  All of our girls love their dad, with good reason, he is an Awesome Daddy.  However, Abby is a huge Daddy's girl.  She wants to go everywhere with him.  She loves to have him sit down and read the Bible to her.  She loves to ask him lots of questions, and he loves to answer them.  She loves to help him make breakfast in the mornings.  She loves to hear him preach (her words).  She just loves her Daddy to pieces and he loves her to pieces as well.

She wanted to go to the wedding he was doing last night sooooo bad.  She must have ask, oh at least 4,932 times.  We agreed that she could go, and she was so happy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


We did some cleaning yesterday and had a wedding rehearsal to go to last night.  The wedding is outside right by the water, so of course their were gnats, and the girls kept saying there are bugs in my face.  Yep, mine too.  So today, they are begging me to take them to the wedding.  Um, no, that has disaster written all over it.  Anna Claire can't sit still or be quiet for longer than, uh 1 second, and I know I will be hearing about the bugs.  Better for my well being that we stay home!

We had a Quartet come out to the church today, to kick off revival and encourage the people.  AC and I lasted all of 15 minutes maybe.  When Craig got up to talk for a minute, AC was yelling Daddy really loud and lots of times, so we exited the building.

We did more cleaning today, and we are done now.  YEAH!  For the week anyways.

We have 14 days of school left.  Super, loud yeah!

I have really enjoyed home schooling this year, which was our first year.  Everyone has always said, no matter how it goes or how you feel don't quit after the first year.  So guess what...  I'm not quiting!  Ha, you thought I was going to say I was, right?!?!  We actually plan to home school either all the way through high school or at least to 7th or 8th grade.  We will see what life and schools are like when we get to that age.

We have our 6th adoption class this Tuesday, which means we are more than half way done, thank goodness.  I've enjoyed it and am learning somethings, but it's a long drive and a long time to sit there, but I'm grateful.

If you would, please be in prayer as we begin revival tomorrow.  I pray that each one of us would truly experience revival in our hearts and lives each and every day, not just during revival meetings.

Aunt Eron bought Anna Claire some really cute sandals for summer time and they have the squeaker in them.  I love them, and it's so easy to keep up with her.  However, the girls say they are annoying and we do get lots of stares.  AC loves them, she just dances around, I think she loves to hear them.

I always make Abby and Kyndal put their own clothes up once I have folded them and the other day, when they were taking theirs, AC came and got her stack and took them to her dresser.  She thought she had done something big (even though I had to refold them all)!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yard work

As I have mentioned before, we are having revival beginning Sunday.  A couple of men from the church have been cleaning up and painting and doing yard work and such at the church and the houses they have.  It all looks so good.  So yesterday we decided we should clean ours up as well.  Most of you know we live in one of the church's houses and we are grateful.  Kyndal and I went to the store to get some mulch and solar lights while Craig and Abby started weeding.  AC was taking a nap, so it worked out well.

We are really looking forward to the revival and praying that we would all be expecting Great things from the Lord.

Some of the mulch was really wet, that's why it's discolored!

They worked hard and it looks really good!

I made us chicken pot pie for dinner and I always have extra dough left over and the girls want me to "write" something on top.  They like the "writing" and eating the "crusty" letters!!!

It was Yummy too...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yesterday it was rainy, cloudy, and just plain blah.  While I was cooking dinner, I decided to put in a Selah CD.  I love me some Selah.  So, the girls and I started dancing around the living room.  It was fun, sweet, relaxing, and just made for some good memories.

LOVE these three kiddo's!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


He worked hard with a wife, 3 kids, and a full time pastorate!  Craig received his Doctorate of Ministry today!  Yea, so proud and happy for him...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

Thursday night after gymnastics, we had a family dinner at Olive Garden, which we all enjoyed.  That night when we got home, Craig and the girls sang Happy Birthday to me with candles in doughnuts.  It was sweet and of course I didn't get any pics that night.

Friday, Craig made us breakfast and then I went for a 3 mile bike ride, to the library, and to get a pedicure while Craig and the girls washed dishes and cleaned my car inside and out.  We met up for lunch and then came back to finish getting ready for our company.  Mom and GiGi got here about 2, and Craig and I left about 2:30 to go out for the evening.  Of course no pics again.  However before we left, the girls convinced grandmother and gigi to jump on the trampoline with them and I did get pics of that!


Saturday, we started the yard sale at 6:30 am, which meant I was up at 5:00 (I am not a morning person).  It was a good yard sale.  The weather was great and I'm so thankful for all the help I had.  Abby and Kyndal have been begging to have a lemonade stand FOREVER, so I thought what better time.  They had lots of fun with that.  They made lemonade cookies Friday night with grandmother and gigi to sale too.

She was very well entertained!

That night we went to dinner here in town and then came back, took showers, and crashed!!!

Yesterday, we went to church, then to lunch.  Mom and GiGi left to go back home and the big girls went out evangelising with Craig while AC took a nap.  When they got back home, Kennedde came over with Aunt Rikki and Trest and played for a while outside.  Then it was time to go back to church.  We watched Courageous last night at church, and it was sooooo good.

Also, some very sweet folks put some beautiful flowers in front of the church yesterday for my birthday!  So sweet, thank you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yard sale with a purpose!

It's kind of busy around here this week.  Getting ready for revival, doing school, doing adoption classes and gymnastics classes, having meetings, and getting ready for a yard sale.  I am having a yard sale here on Sat, which just so happens to be my birthday too:):)  I do not do yard sale's, they are alot of work and I would normally just rather give things away.  However this one has a purpose, it's to help us get ready and get things in order to move us a sweet "little" one into our home.  Obviously we don't know the timing on when that will happen, it could be months, it could be a couple of years.  God knows, and that's good enough for us.  We do want to get as many things in order and be as prepared as possible though for whenever it does happen.  We also have been living here for 3 1/2 years and have had at least 12 boxes in storage, so I'm guessing that after that long of not using things, I don't need them.  We have lots of little girl clothes, home decor, and miscellaneous items ready to sale.  My mom and aunt are coming to help me out and I'm super excited to have them here for the weekend.  So if you know anyone in the area needing anything, send them our way!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ways we can help!

I know that adoption is not for every family.  The Lord can use us all in so many different ways to help and meet the needs of orphans.  There is a blog I follow Anthony and Adeye who have 3 biological children and 4 adopted children, and they are now in the process of adopting another young girl from another country.  Adeye advocates for orphans like no one I have ever seen before.  Not only do they advocate, pray, give, they also adopt.  They are having a fundraiser to help with the "ransom" (as she refers to it, and it is) right now to help go get their daughter ASAP.  I have shared the link to her blog where you can read, pray, and if you feel led, give.  I would encourage us all to definitely pray for this family and their "newest" addition, but if you can give, please do so.  Thanks so much!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Abby and Kyndal went to Sunrise Service with Craig on Easter morning.  We thought Anna Claire would be more of a distraction than anything, so we stayed home.  We had a great service as usual, and afterwards we went to lunch with a sweet man from church.  The girls and I actually did some school work while the baby napped, we hid eggs in the back yard, and played outside.  We had a sweet couple over for dinner and a sweet fellowship time with them.