Friday, August 30, 2013

Church Picnic

We had a church picnic Saturday at some friend's house on the lake.  The girls had a dance class that morning, so we got there about 11:15, and stayed until about 5:30.  It was an absolutely wonderful day in every way.  We had a blast.  We did the paddle boat.  The kids did that a lot.  They swam almost the whole time.  The adults had several games of volleyball, corn hole, horseshoes, and just great food and fellowship.  When we left, Abby said I wish we could have a church picnic every Saturday!!!  The weather was beautiful too:)

This was when we got home.  This kid was exhausted and filthy.  We were all very dirty, but we truly had so much fun:):):)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Camping Part 2

After doing some fun things Thursday, we went back to the camp later that afternoon so the girls could swim.  I honestly didn't know there was a pool there and also thought it was going to be too cool.  I was wrong about both.  When the girls packed, I told them they didn't need swim suits, but Kyndal had already packed hers and didn't take it back out.  So Kyndal swam in her swim suit, and Abby did in her clothes, and Anna Claire can take or leave a pool, so that wasn't an issue.

Then we went to the playground, wet and all, and got really dirty while having some super fun.  After dinner on the porch, we watched a family movie, and went to bed:)

The water was pretty darn cold, so she had to just go for it!

She was quite content just sticking her feet in:)

A good bowl of cereal on Friday morning:)

We tried going to find a place that was recommended, but we couldn't find it so we turned around and went to some Fall's and climbed a little.  All that climbing on rocks, especially with kids, makes this momma a nervous wreck.  It was beautiful though.  Then we went back to the ski lift, per kids request, and did some more hiking.  We went back to the camp and made sandwiches, and played outside for a few hours.  A great time was had by all:)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camping Part 1

I've been camping one time in my life, many years ago.  We slept in a tent, had a camp fire, cooked our food over the fire, and so on.  That's when I fully discovered camping is NOT for me.  I don't like sleeping on the ground, outside, and walking a mile to the restroom.

Some sweet friends of ours have a camper, with a king size bed (that's my kind of camping) in the mountains and invited us to stay a few days.  We headed up early on Thursday, and came back home Friday evening.  We had prior engagements so we couldn't stay until Sat.  We had a really great time.  It was relaxing, quiet, and peaceful. 

They left us with some places to go visit and things to go do.  We did several of the things on the list and just truly enjoyed the beauty of all of the mountains. 

The Historic Mt Washington Hotel
I didn't get any pics of the inside, but it was beyond beautiful in there.  We had lunch in the restaurant downstairs and ate out on the veranda overlooking the beautiful mountains.

They had beautiful landscaping as well!

We went to Bretton Woods and rode the ski lift a couple of times, and climbed a trail.

 Daddy and Anna Claire

These pictures do NOT do justice to the absolute beauty of this, but it is simply amazing the beauty God has created for us to enjoy:)

That building with the red roof is the Mt Washington Hotel where we ate lunch!

We went to the cutest little town called Littleton, and they have a huge candy store there called, Chutters.  They have the longest counter of candy in the world.  It's 112 feet long.  The girls had a blast in there as you can see.  They had some awesome fudge too:)

Lots of fudge to choose from too!

Now, I've mentioned before about getting asked everyday where we are from, right???  Well, when we go out of town around here, that question makes us laugh even more, because we explain that we only live 2 hours away (then we get funny looks), but we relocated there from AL.  As soon as we say AL, everyone says, "Okay, I knew it was somewhere down south"!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of school

Abby's 1st day of 4th grade:)

Kyndal's 1st day of 2nd grade:)

They both had a great 1st day!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Home Days

The town our church is in, Londonderry, has a big hooray every year called Old Home Days.  They have a 5K, a huge (forever long lasting) parade, and lots of booths and things to do for the weekend.  Our church always has a booth in it, so this was our family's second year to participate. 

After the race, we watched some of the parade.  This parade seriously last almost 2 hours, it's crazy.

Then we had some lunch, worked the booth, had some fun, AC and I came home for 2 hours so she could take a little nap, then headed back to clean up (except they were already done with that, so it was perfect timing)!!!!Ha!

It was a really long day, but a very good day:)  It was a gorgeous day too.

Waiting for the parade to begin!

The bands are my most favorite part!