Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recent happenings

Once we got home on Friday and unpacked and got baths and had dinner (wow that kind of made me tired thinking about it) we put up the Christmas tree.  Or really Craig, Abby, and Kyndal did.  They did a good job, it looks pretty.

I had to go grocery shopping on Saturday and did some cooking and we watched Bama beat Auburn while enjoying some yummy chocolate cake!

Sunday is always a full and enjoyable day.  Monday we were back to work and school!  We have 12 days left of this semester and then we are out for 3 weeks.  We are super excited and looking forward to our long break and spending some time with family. 

When I was trying to feed AC lunch Monday, she wouldn't eat which is very unusual for her.  I checked her temp and is was 100, so I gave her some medicine and laid her down for a nap at 11:30.  At 4:15 I went and woke her up and she was very hot.  I took her temp again and it was 101.  I called the doctor and they said to give it a few days unless her temp got to 103 or she didn't sleep well that night.  She did get up one time during the night but fell right back to sleep in my arms and she didn't have a fever either.  She hasn't had fever today but she hasn't had much of an appetite either.  We went to Columbus this afternoon after school to do some Sam's and Publix shopping and on the way home she acted as if she was going to be sick (like the real gross kind of sick).  We pulled over and took her jacket off and turned on her toy and she was fine the rest of the way home, I think she may have been too hot.  She has still been playing, but just not like her usual self.  Maybe it's our crazy weather of hot one day, freezing the next.  Kyndal is coughing again too!!

The girls had a couch/movie date with daddy tonight to watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  They have been looking forward to this for several days now.

AC didn't watch the movie, we just threw her in there for a pic!

Having some fun with big sissy Kyndal!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cousin Fun

We left Wednesday afternoon to head to Birmingham for Thanksgiving.  We stopped by to surprise my mom with a short visit before heading to Matt and Lindy's for the evening.  After some wonderful dinner, we went to Yogurt Mountain for dessert.  Thursday after some good breakfast we went to my mom's for lunch and to visit for a few hours.  We then went to Craig's family gathering late in the afternoon for a few hours.  It was great to see everyone and we had lots of fun.

Thursday night I wanted to go to Wal-Mart for their toy sale at 10 pm because they had something I really wanted to get.  Sweet Aunt Rikki offered to come and sit with the sleeping kids while Craig, Matt, Lindy, and myself went shopping.  It was CRAZY crowded.  I haven't laughed so much in a while.  It was crazy, but it was lots of fun.  They sold out of what I wanted, but my mom and Steve had gone to another Wal-Mart too and Steve got what I wanted with only 2 left.  I was so excited.  Thanks a ton Steve.

Friday morning we had another wonderful breakfast and then the guys went to play golf.  The girls and I hung out with my mom after packing up and hanging out for a bit with Lindy and the kiddo's.  Then we made the drive back home late yesterday afternoon.

This is so off the subject but Anna Claire twirls her hair while sucking her thumb and she often puts knots in it.  She sucked her thumb and twirled her hair the whole way home yesterday and we had to stop in Opelika for a restroom break and when I got AC out she had the BIGGEST knot in her hair.  I could not get it out and I washed it and brushed it, and still couldn't get it out.  This morning it was even worse, so while I was grocery shopping Craig cut it out!!!!  I knew it was going to have to be done, but it made me sad.  Little stinker, there are much worse things, but I don't know how to break her of either habit (hair twirling or thumb sucking)!

Yogurt Mountain Fun!

AC and Wyatt crack me up, of course they wouldn't actually look at the camera!

They love Aunt Rikki, and Aunt Rikki loves them!!!

Having fun with Jessi and Justin

She thought she was something big sitting in those chairs!


We are truly blessed and very Thankful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

We have so much to be thankful for, everyday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AC's first trim!!

Sunday afternoon, Aunt Rikki trimmed Anna Claire's bangs since she refuses to wear anything in her hair.  I hate seeing her hair all in her face.  I am not a fan of short bangs, but I don't really have a choice right now with her.

She did really well, I'm sure it helped that it was her sweet aunt doing it!  Thanks Aunt Rikki!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Field Day with PCA

The girls had Field Day yesterday with their home school covering.  They had a blast.

They had to see who could eat the doughnut without it falling off the rope.  Someone hit the rope though and all their doughnuts went flying!!!  Abby looked up and said my doughnut flew off!  It was hilarious.  Kyndal didn't want to participate in this event!

They were running and sitting on balloons filled with flour, then racing back for the next person to come. 

Barrel racing!  Also quite hilarious!

3 legged race!  Again very very very funny, I was about rolling on the ground laughing!

Long jump!

My kids actually petting a dog, we were shocked so I had to take a picture!

Shooting basket game!  One time AC got in the way and the ball hit her on the head and all the kids starting laughing and AC starting busting out laughing, it was too funny!  I was just glad she wasn't crying.

She was just enjoying walking all over the place and watching the kids and getting some special attention!  I know her hair looks crazy, but she takes EVERYTHING out of her hair.  I even started putting rubber bands in it thinking she wouldn't take it out, boy was I wrong.  Oh well, not a battle worth fighting especially with a 17th month old.

They played several more games and ate pizza.  After field day Abby and Kyndal went home with their friend Blaire for the afternoon.  We had a Sunday School dinner to go to that evening, so we went and picked A and K up and headed to dinner in Clayton.  While AC was suppose to be napping she was really playing, so she was quite exhausted come 8:30pm when we left the restaurant.  So this is how she looked when we arrived home......

Must be comfy!!!

It was a good and fun day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bless 'em

Craig went with us to gymnastics yesterday so while they practiced, Anna Claire and I went to Publix.  I've asked Craig a couple of times if I should go while they practice when it's just me taking them and he always says no in case something was to happen.  Well not to long after we got back to the gym the lady sitting in front of us said oh no she has really hurt herself.  So I'm looking to try and see who she is talking about and she turns around and says it's your daughter.  I see Abby and the coach coming out of the gym so I go meet them and she was on the balance beam and mis-stepped and fell.  She hit her neck and her eye real good.  They got some ice and I ask her did she want to go sit with us and she said no I want to go back in there.  After a few minutes of resting, she got back on the beam.  We were so proud of her.

Needless to say, I completely get Craig's point.  Both her eye and neck look better this morning.

Kyndal has had a dry cough for a couple of days.  I'm guessing due to our CRAZY weather.  One day we are playing outside in 85 degree weather and the next it's 64 degrees.  About 2:30 this morning she came to my room and said can I go sleep on the couch so I don't bother Abby and Anna Claire with coughing.  So sweet.  She just kept coughing so I gave her some medicine and water and laid down with her.  About 30 minutes later she said can we go get in your bed, so we did.  She seems fine today, still a little coughing though.  They had field day today with PCA, their cover group/PE class.  They had a great time and I have lots of pictures to post!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

20 things

20 Things you may not know about me........

1.  I will be married for 10 years on Dec. 15th...

2.  To a wonderful man who loves the Lord and truly desires to walk in His will daily.

3.  I want to adopt one day.

4.  I am not much of a reader, but enjoying it more in my "older" age!!!

5.  I use to be extremely shy, but coming out of my shell more with age.

6.  I have been raised in church since I was an infant.

7.  I lack 14 hours from having my degree from Southeastern Bible College.

8.  I would like to finish #7 one day.

9.  I was nervous/anxious/a bit sad about moving 3 hours away from family and friends....

10.  The Lord has grown me so much in the past 3 years...

11.  And I am Forever grateful.

12.  I like to eat tooooo much.

13.  I do enjoy exercising alot (it's just a little hard to find the time in this season of life).

14.  As a teenager I always said I didn't want to have kids....

15.  Now I have 3 and would like to have 2-3 more (thru adoption).

16.  Late in my teen years I felt called to be a pastor's wife...

17.  Whoa what was I thinking (totally kidding)....

18.  It can be hard, but with trails and tribulation, brings perseverance.

19.  I am really beginning to Love homeschooling ( it does have it's challenges and hard days, as does anything, but VERY rewarding).

20.  I am a middle child (between a big brother, and a little sister (who is taller than me)).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It's been rather warm here, so we have been playing outside and AC loves it!

She thought Abby was bringing her inside!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Off Day

Thank you to the wonderful husband, daddy, and substitute teacher of the Little clan for giving me the day off today.  You rock!!!

I first went walking before everyone got up, which I usually do every morning.  Craig cooked breakfast which he usually does every morning.  I then left for the day.....

I had to go get my license renewed, because it expires in 12 days.  I went to Curves for a little more exercise.  Then I went to have a manicure/pedicure thanks to a very sweet lady at church who gave me a gift certificate.  Oh it was soooo nice!

I went and had a sandwich in a restaurant by myself.  Some sweet folks I know came in and they sat with me, so I had some adult convo with no interruptions!!  Then I just sat in my car and read a book, Radical by David Platt, another awesome and challenging read.  I went into a store and talked with a sweet friend from church for about 30 minutes.  I picked up Abby, took her to class, and read some more.  Then back home.  Thankful for my family and a nice day of relaxation.