Thursday, January 30, 2014


A sweet lady and friend from church made the girls mittens and Anna Claire loves hers. She wears them ALL the time. She comes to our room in the morning with them on and she even rides her bike with them on...

Friday, January 24, 2014


All three girls wanted their hair rolled in rollers the other night after their baths.  As soon as I got done with Anna Claire's, she said this is too tight, I don't want them in.  She did leave them in though and even slept in them.

And the results...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney on Ice/Fun day

Anna Claire asked if Mickey and Minnie would be there, and I told her I wasn't sure because this show was called Princesses and Heros.  So when Mickey and Minnie came out, this was her reaction...

After the show, we went to Olive Garden for lunch, which was delicious.

We had a great seat right by a window where we could watch the pretty snow fall.

The girls also had money to spend either at the show or we told them we would take them where ever they wanted to spend it.  They chose different places.  Anna Claire wanted to ride the train at the mall, so that's where we headed to next.

 That was a tight squeeze!

They position that train in the perfect place in the mall, right in front of Build A Bear!  So Anna Claire wanted to go make a bear.  

Abby and Kyndal wanted to go to Wal Mart to spend their money.  However on the way there, we couldn't get up the hill, so we had to come home and wait for the plowers to come back through and clean the roads a little more.

This picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of this in person, at all!

After waiting for about an hour and the roads looked a little better, we went back out.  The girls got what they wanted and we picked up a pizza and came back home:):):)

We had a really great day together as a family having lots of fun and making wonderful memories:)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

After school on Friday, the girls had a friend over to play.  That night Craig and I had date night.  We went to dinner and to see Saving Mr. Banks, which was a really good movie.  We had a fun night!

Saturday, we took the girls to Disney on Ice, lunch, and shopping as this was one of their Christmas gifts they received.  It was a great day, and we all had a really good time.  It started snowing while we were in the show and snowed all day long.  The roads were quite messy, but we still had lots of fun!

 Before going into the show!  I will do a different post on this day with more pictures later!

Sunday morning, it started snowing again.  We still had church, but another church in town didn't have power, so they joined us for service.  We had a great service as usual:)  After church, we went to lunch at a sweet friends house, and the food and fellowship were wonderful.  Then we picked up Chevy and went to some more sweet friends house for dinner and to watch the Patriots.  Again, we had wonderful food and fellowship.  It was a busy and fun day!!!

Today, we took off from school and while I worked out and grocery shopped, Craig and the kids played in the snow.  The temp is really nice today, but that will all change tomorrow as our high is in the teens the next few days!  When I got back home I tried to take pictures of them, but my camera battery die:(.  I did get a couple of photos of their snowman once my battery was charged!  They had a blast:)

They decorated it on both sides:)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anna Claire

2014 Favorite's /3 1/2 years old:

Favorite food:  Meat sandwich

Favorite toy:  Roller coaster

Favorite thing to do:  Play with toys by myself (which she rarely does)

Favorite place to go:  Applebee's to eat supper

Favorite book:  Minnie Mouse

Favorite movie:  Mickey Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake

Favorite snack:  Whollipop (lollipop) and candy

What do you like most about church:  Playing in nursery with the other kids


Saturday, January 18, 2014


2014 Favorite's /8 years old:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite toy:  Weaving loom

Favorite thing to do:  Ice skating

Favorite place to go:  Birmingham

Favorite subject:  Math

Favorite book:  Fairy books

Favorite movie:  Teen Beach Movie

Favorite snack:  Homemade milkshake

What are you looking forward to this year:  Going to PCB


Friday, January 17, 2014


2014 Favorite's /10 years old:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite toy:  Loom bands

Favorite thing to do:  Watch movies with family

Favorite place to go:  In the winter, ice skating.  In the summer, swimming.

Favorite subject:  Writing

Favorite book:  Mary Kate and Ashley

Favorite movie:  Frozen

Favorite snack:  Ice cream

What are you looking forward to this year:  Summer break and going to PCB with family


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The drawer & scary

We have a drawer in the kitchen that holds the girls gum and candy.  There are rules to this drawer and they are followed:)  Anna Claire ask for a piece of gum all the time, but they only get 2 pieces a day.  So she always gets one in the morning after brushing her teeth, or toofies, as she refers to them.  Every morning she says, Momma can I get some gum.  I say yes, and she says, ok, I will brush my toofies first.  See, she knows the routine:)  She cracks me up getting in the drawer though because she can barely see in it on her tippy toes..

Saturday morning, before 8, the girls were playing in their room and they are always loud, as in it sounds like the roof may fall in at any time.  Then we heard a cry.  A bad cry.  A cry that let me know someone was hurt.  One of those cries you Don't like to hear.  I jumped up and a kid came running to tell me Anna Claire jumped down the stairs and hurt her self.  She was laying on her bed where Abby put her and she wouldn't really move much and her face was getting pale and her breathing was a bit shallow.  I had to go to another room, so I didn't freak out.  Thankfully Craig had not left yet.  I prayed while Craig looked over her.  She had jumped from the 5th stair after watching her sister's do it and landed on the last stair on her butt and her back hit the stair before it.  It knocked the breath out of her.  ScArEd me to death.  She sat with me for an hour and then went back to playing.  So very thankful she was/is ok. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pond Skating

We walked to the park near our house so the girls could skate on the pond with friends.  It was very cold, so Anna Claire and I could only handle watching for about 45 minutes.  My toes were frozen!  The girls had a blast as usual.

Lauren, Chevy, Kyndal, Abby, and Jimmy

Danny pushing Kailynd in a chair!  It was hilarious!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweet sisters

When we were at co-op the other day, during some of Abby's off time, she played with Anna Claire in the nursery.  I caught them sitting at a kiddie table where Abby was reading her a book.  So sweet:)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sledding with friends

Last Saturday after the big snow, we met up with some friends from church to go sledding where we usually always go.  On the weekends, it's pretty crowded, so you have to watch what you are doing and look out for others.  I always get a bit nervous when going sledding.  The outside of the hill is lined up with hay bails (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong) , and once they get wet, then they freeze so they are like rocks when you hit them.  The key is to try not to hit them, but sometimes you are going to fast, and you do.  A few people flew right over them.  It really was a lot of fun, and of course it was FREEZING!

Karen went down a few times and you could hear her laugh from miles away:)


Just watching!  She did go down with me 1 time, but when I stopped us, snow got all in her face and she was not a happy camper:)

Abby, who went to the very top of the hill several times.  Brave girl!!  Kyndal did too, and some how I managed to not a pic of her!

Ken!!!  I laugh every time I look at this pic!  He came down from the very top and when you hit the middle, you pop up.  Several people come right off their sleds!

Paul!  He hit the hay and busted his blow up sled!

Craig and Abby

I think this is Sean

Christian and Kayla


Some of our on-lookers!!

I didn't get pictures of everyone, but we all had a really great time.

The winter here is so cold and sometimes inconvenient in my opinion with the roads being icy and slick and snow covered at times, but it's so cool to experience a real winter and all the fun that comes with it.  I love that our family is making such great memories here and I love that our girls get to experience a different part of the country!  Very thankful!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Family Fun Day

The girls got gift cards for their birthday's to a place called Chunky's.  It's a movie theater where you eat a full meal.  Kinda cool!  I've never seen nor been to one until this time.  We saw Frozen, which was a really great movie.  It's a really neat place, where they do birthday parties too.  We had a good time!

Afterwards, they wanted a donut, so we went to Dunkin Donuts for a donut and hot chocolate. 

After that, we went sledding with some friends from church.  Another post for that!!!