Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grandmother's visit

My mom arrived last Saturday at 12:30 pm and stayed till yesterday at 4:30 am.  We all loved having her here and the girls kept her busy the whole time.  We are thankful she came to spend Thanksgiving with us.

Playing Monopoly

Enjoying some frozen yogurt

They loved to watch her get ready

Making crafts

Anna Claire was asking mom what she wanted for Christmas, and when Mom would say something AC would scribble on her paper.  Then Anna Claire would say, okay be for real this time.  We were cracking up.  She was wanting Mom to say toy things:)

Making ornaments

Some of the finished products

Guess how many times we heard, "Grandmother it's my turn for you sit by me"!  If you guessed 1,000 or more, you would be right:):):)  Grandmother is a very popular lady!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 14

We were SO thankful to have my mom here with us for Thanksgiving.  We also had a white Thanksgiving.  It began snowing on Wednesday afternoon and didn't stop till Thursday about 4 am.  We got about 7 inches, so the girls were ready to play outside.  It wasn't freezing cold, but it was cold.  Craig took the girls to the hill to sled while mom and I cooked lunch.  After that, we just relaxed and played outside some more.  It was a great day.  We have so much to be thankful for.  God is so good:)

All she wanted to do was make "Anna Claire's"!!!  Too cute!

Making her snow man!


Golf anyone?!?!?!:)

So much fun, and a good form of exercise!

We started the morning off with a ride around town looking at the beautiful scenery!

The girls had a blast having their Grandmother here all week!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last weekend

We had a lot of fun this past weekend.  Friday afternoon, we went to a bookstore and to dinner as a family.  Then on our way home, Craig missed his turn and got off on a different exit, where we passed the Verizon Center where they were having a hockey game that Craig had tickets to and had forgotten all about it.  He only had 4, so he and the girls were planning to go.  It was 30 minutes before game time and the tickets were at the church and they needed coats from home.  I was going to do our Christmas shoe box shopping, so I took them back to the game about 15 minutes late, and picked them up 2 hours later.  I meant to give him the camera, but of course forgot in the rush.  They had lots of fun, and so did I!!

Thanks to some sweet friends who appreciate our ministry, this steak dinner was on them:)

I love cooking, but it's SO nice to not do it occasionally:)

Saturday, Craig was busy at the church all day, and the girls and I went through winter clothes, that I'm still washing.  Very thankful for hand me downs, and they are so cute too, and there were LOTS of them!!

The girls had a birthday party to attend that afternoon for our sweet friend Matthew.  They had a blast!

Sunday was a very busy day, where we were at the church most of it, and it was a great day:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Abby and Kyndal are taking art classes on Wednesday nights before church.  They love going.  They painted on rocks last week and did a great job.



Sunday, November 9, 2014

A few days in Bama

I went to AL last Thursday for a few days for my Aunt's wedding (previous post).  I was wonderful  spending time with everyone and being a part of GiGi's wedding.  It was my first time to fly by myself, so I was a bit nervous, but had very smooth flights.  So very thankful. 

Marley and Maddox (Elsa and Olaf) ready to trick or treat!

Me and my sista boo ready for the wedding rehearsal!

Eron, Mom, and Me!  I was thrilled to be spending a few days with them:)

I got to have lunch with my mother in law (aka Mom to Craig, and MeMe to our girls)!

Got to have dinner with the rest of my in laws, with the exception of Uncle Ken and Brad!

Jason and Maddox:)

So glad this cutie finally warmed up to me.  Our last trip, he wanted NOTHING to do with me.  After the first couple of days this time, he started to love me.  He also ask where I was after I left:):)

Love them:)

A fun bunch here:)

Uncle Jason is silly 95% of the time:)

Could not ask for a better set of grandparents or prayer warriors than these two sweet people right here:)  What a blessing they are to all!

It was a busy 4 1/2 days, but I had a wonderful time.  Thankful to my hubby who let me go kid free for 5 days.  Thankful to those who made it possible.  Thankful to my sister who hosted me, and always does it so nicely:)

I was greeted right off the plane by 3 Very excited girls, and a happy husband.  I can't even count how many times I've heard, "I'm so glad you are back home", by all of them.  It's great to be so loved and appreciated.  Hope I show the same to them:):)

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Wedding

My Aunt Lynn (aka GiGi) got married last Saturday, and I had the privilege to be there.  So very thankful.  What a beautiful bride she was.  It was a very sweet ceremony, and David's vows were sweet as ever.  It was a beautiful and cold day:)

Getting ready!

My sweet and talented sister made her this very cute shirt to wear for the day!

Beautiful roses sent by her soon to be husband:)

She was freezing from taking pictures outside:)

Sister, Mom, and Me:)

Sister, Grandmother, and Me:)

Me, Brother, and Sister:)

Mr. & Mrs.:):)

Love it:)

Me, GiGi, and David:)

 Aunt Cindy, Mom, Aunt Lynn, and David:)

I'm pretty sure they were tired of pictures by now:)

Ready to go:):):)

I pray y'all have a wonderful Godly marriage for MANY years to come!  Love y'all:)