Thursday, September 29, 2011

Backwards Night

Last night in AWANA at church it was backwards night, so I fixed Abby and Kyndal's hair in a ponytail in the front and put the bows in the back.  They wore their shirts backwards and tried wearing their shoes on opposite feet, but said it was too uncomfortable.  Kyndal said we look ridiculous!!!  Afterwards, Abby said I will never wear my hair like this again for anything!!!  They earn extra points for dressing with the theme.  I thought they looked cute.  One day they will look back at this and say I can't believe you let us leave the house looking like that!!!!

Can you see the "ridiculous" in Kyndal's eyes????

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too cute for words!

Look Mommy I can read too!
Don't you love my hair AND my reading skills?  I can even read upside down!!!
Do I look like a princess?  You certainly do pretty girl!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Friday night, Craig and I had a meeting with a couple in Dothan over dinner.  We had a really nice time.  Abby took a picture of us before we left, but I didn't like it so I deleted it!

Saturday, I was in CLEAN-UP mode.  We cleaned out the laundry room (and I mean really cleaned it out).  We cleaned up the back yard.  I cleaned every room in the house, including the ceiling fans (actually Craig did those), cleaned the walls, the ceilings (b/c the dust from the fan gets on it).  We started at 9 am and I finally finished cleaning at 7:30 pm.  I washed everyone's sheets and made the last bed at 10:30 pm.  Wow it was a long, but very productive day.  Craig was Lots of help, and the girls were too.

Aunt Rikki came for the weekend and she brought the girls their birthday presents and can we say EXCITED????!!!!!

Sunday was a full day as usual, and a good one.

Completely intrigued by Aunt Rikki's b'day gifts!

I was eating a Weight Watcher's popcicle that wasn't very good, but she thought otherwise!!!

They are just adorable!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 Years

6 years ago today, we welcomed with loving arms and happy hearts our precious Kyndal Elizabeth.  She is such a sweet, sweet girl.  She does like to aggrevate her sisters at times (and her daddy).  She is very laid back and goes with the flow.  She is eager to learn and enjoys reading (or having someone read to her).  She is very active and is a go getter.  I love this child so much and I am humbled, grateful, and just wonderfully blessed to be her mother.

Today they had gymnastics, so after that we went to a restaurant of her choice.  She picked Logan's, because she loves the peanuts!!!!

Happy Birthday Kyndal, we love SOOOOO much!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

"When will ya'll be done, so I can get out and mess up this room"?

"This is goooood stuff"!

"Maybe I should start chewing so I can eat all this good stuff ya'll eat"!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Two posts in one day, go me!!!

No really, Kristi, the girl I went to college with who has the breast cancer with the 3 little girls received a PRAISE today.  She had a PET scan yesterday to see if the treatments have been helping and she got the results today.  PRAISE God from whom all blessings flow, the treatments are working for her.  She also had the rod put in her leg a few weeks ago and it's helped her so much, she can walk without a walker and needing assistance at all times.  I am praying for a miracle of healing for her everyday.

Again if you are interested you can go to the website they have set up for her, I believe they update it pretty regular.  I get my info from facebook!

Oh and my hubby and I are going to play some tennis tonight and have some dinner together. by. ourselves.  Thanks to a sweet friend who is going to sit with our girls.  Looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a great day!

A Happy Day

Yesterday the girls and I went for a morning walk on the trail.  We use to do our PE (exercise) after all other school work, but we have to adjust to Anna Claire's new napping schedule, so now we do it first. 

Mom and Steve made a special stop in Eufaula on their way home from the beach to visit for a minute and go have some lunch with us.  So we did work until they came and then headed out for some lunch.  We really enjoyed the visit and were so glad they came this way.  I totally forgot to take a picture of them with the kids too (bummer).

After lunch we finished our school work and then went to the park to meet some other children.  We stayed there for about 2 hours.  The girls had lots of fun and got worn out, oh and filthy.  We took a bath when we got home and I cooked some dinner.

Having a blast!!!

Fun Day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Great Day

Yesterday was a great day!  We had two great services at church.  Our preacher did an outstanding job preaching the Word.  However, I always think he does, but I'm biased!!!  The more I hear him preach the Word, the more I am amazed at how God has truly blessed him with such a gift.  He's a pretty awesome pastor in my opinion too!  What's so great about him, is he really seeks to walk closely with Jesus every day, and this I know because I live with him.  Just very grateful for such a wonderful man God blessed me with!  And he also blessed us with 3 precious girls that we love dearly!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recent happenings

Wednesday, I finally started feeling like a normal person again, thank the Lord.

Thursday, Anna Claire had her 15 month appointment in Opelika at 8:30am, which meant we had to be up real early.  I'm not a morning person, but we did well.  I had a doctors appointment at 10:00am too.  Abby and Kyndal had gymnastics at 4:45pm in Dothan, so we did lots of driving that day, but we enjoyed our time together.  Craig was suppose to go with us that morning, because it was going to be a little difficult for me during my appointment with all 3 girls, but someone passed away and Craig did the funeral that day, so he couldn't go with me.  However, we managed well. 

Anna Claire had a good visit.  She got one shot and is a healthy baby girl.  She weighs 21 pounds, 2 ounces which is in the 25th percentile.  She is 31.1 inches which is in the 70th percentile.  She has been our smallest baby so far.  I guess she will be tall like her daddy too.  We shall see.  All three girls have always been far above average in height. 

Waiting on Dr. W

Abby and Kyndal go for their 8 year old and 6 year old visits in about 3 weeks.  No shots though, they were excited about that.

My appointment went well too.  She did tell me I could have one more baby if I wanted too, we would just have to watch my blood pressure really close since I developed the pre-eclampsia last time.  It's nice to know I can have another if I want, but I don't think I will be doing so.  There are some other risks since it would be my 4th c-section that I'm not sure I want to take, but you never know, right?!?!?!  She did say 4 would be it!!!!!

We were early for my appointment, so we waited in the car!

We made it home in time for AC to take a nap before heading out for gymnastics.  The girls improve each week and really love it.  They practice at home and now AC tries to do what they do and all I can say is it is HILARIOUS!!  She thinks she is doing something BIG too, it's too cute!

Doing a little Sam's shopping before gymnastics begins!

Yesterday was A & K's first physical fitness co-op class and they really enjoyed it.  They got a really good work-out and played some soccer.  When they were done Abby said is it too late to sign up for soccer.  She said it was fun yesterday, but boring when I took them for clinic to see if they liked it.  Go figure!!!  They also went to the high school football game with Craig last night.  AC didn't take a nap yesterday, so she was out at 7pm, so I just relaxed and actually fell asleep on the couch around 9pm.  It was nice!

This morning we went for a family walk on the trail and then played outside some.  After lunch I took Abby and Kyndal to Columbus to do some fall clothes shopping.  AC was napping and stayed home with Craig.  We had a good time and even stopped for some frozen yogurt.

Can we say precious?????  I do think so!

Tomorrow we will have church and gear up for another week of school!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Steps

Anna Claire is taking steps now.  She is so precious too!  She takes about 3-4 steps at a time and falls down.  We all clap and cheer and she just eats it up.

I know you can't tell much with a picture, but I have no idea how to download film!

I am feeling much better today and I'm so very thankful.  We had a good school day too! 

We are out of school tomorrow because Anna Claire and I both have doctor appointments in Opelika, so that is an all day affair.

I had to get onto Anna Claire earlier today and she started crying and went to Abby and held her arms up.  Abby was trying not to get her, but she just couldn't resist that sweet little crying face of hers.  Anna Claire immediately stopped crying.

They have their own live baby doll!!!!!

This was from the other day and too cute not to share!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have had a cold since Thursday that I just cannot seem to get rid of.  After going to bed Sunday night, I woke up at 1:30am with an AWFUL headache, so I took something for it and 30 minutes later I started hugging the toilet.  We were best friends every 45 minutes until 8:15am.  I was so tired I didn't even feel like I could walk to the restroom most of the time.  As I sit wide awake in much pain I was thinking oh no I can not do school tomorrow, but I don't want to get a day behind either. 

I called the doctor right at 8am and went to see him at 8:30.  When the girls got up and found out I had been sick all night, both of them ask are we having school today.  Craig quickly said yes, go and get dressed.  I was so happy and thankful that he did that.  He nicely told them not to bother me all day too.  The doctor gave me a shot and some meds for the nausea, and I went back home and slept a little.  It's just hard to sleep with the kids being here, but I felt so much better yesterday afternoon.

I am still fighting this nasty cold and my poor head just hurts constantly, but hopefully it will pass by quickly. 

We ask the girls who they liked better as a teacher and they said, momma!  Yay for me, they have no other choice anyways.  They said Craig gave them extra work!!!!  Abby asked me today, next time, could I get another sub!!???!!!  Silly kid.

So props to my wonderful hubby who took over and did a fabulous job yesterday.  VERY thankful and appreciative.

Kristi who I have mentioned previously that has the breast cancer had a rod put in her thigh 2 weeks ago trying to avoid a break in her hip.  The cancer is in her bones, liver, and blood as well.  I also just read that the doctors want to do a PET scan to see if the treatments are helping.  They are hoping the insurance she has will cover this fee.  Also praying that the cancer is disappearing.  Continue to pray for a miracle for Kristi please.  You can visit her website and get updates here: 

Also we have a lady in our church (Lorraine) who has been fighting brain cancer for quite a few months now.  She is not doing anymore treatments as they don't seem to be helping as she had hoped they would and the treatments alone just take such a hit on her body.  She is under hospice care now and lives with her elderly mother.  Her dad passed away last night.  Please pray for this family during these VERY difficult days.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday morning fun!

My kids do not like to play outside much for some reason.  When I was a kid I lived outside.  Some may say it's the TV and such and that has alot to do with it I know, but I don't let them watch much TV.  So we told them to go out and play this morning and of course they act like they have no idea what to do out there!!!!!  Craig goes out and puts them on the roof and tells them to jump to him.  At first they were terrified, but then it became fun and they were asking to stay up there.  Not really my idea of fun, but whatever. 

We just plan to watch a little football today and then have dinner with some sweet people this evening.

I have some sinus mess going on and it is making me feel like poo, but I will survive.

Craig and Abby went to the high school game last night and they enjoyed themselves.  Kyndal was going to go, but got a stomach before they left and decided to stay home with me and Anna Claire.  Abby sat with her friends and had a good time.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and Roll Tide!!!

Checking it all out!  Love those little feet!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tough Day

So first off I did not get enough sleep last night, so I'm still tired.  Second, I'm starting to get a head cold, boo to that.  Third, Kyndal just was not having a good phonics day, which makes me a little crazy.  Words she can say and has said at least 50 times now, she was just struggling with today.  I know everyday won't be easy and great, never thought or expected it to be.  I guess this was my first real tough day and I'm sure it will be far from my last.

Anna Claire is standing alone more and more, but she just will not take that first step.  I know she will soon and keep me even more busy!!!

Abby and Kyndal had their own personal photo shoot the other day and here is their outcome of that!!!!!

I took this before church last night.  She normally hates for things to be in her hair, but I didn't see her mess with that.  Her hair is just starting to hang down in her face, I wish she liked the bows being in there!

All piled up with daddy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fellowship

We had a fellowship at some sweet folks from the church's house.  There was lots of good food, great people, and a fun time.  They have a pool, but the weather was not all that great.  However the kids did manage to swim for about 30 minutes before the dark clouds started rolling in.  They had lots of fun.  We met a fellow home school mom and daughter who is in the 3rd grade, so very close to A and K's age. 

The men went and played some golf in the rain for a couple of hours and when Craig got home, I went to the store all by myself.  When I got home, it was 8pm, and I still had to give Anna Claire and myself a bath.  I go to the bathroom (we only have one in this house), and it's locked.  Butttttt, there was no one in it.  Abby or Kyndal locked it before leaving out of it, but somehow they neither remember doing it (go figure).  Now, we all have to use the restroom too (imagine that).  This is an old house, so it has a door knob with a key hole, but no key Craig had would open it.  It doesn't have screws on the outside to take the handle off, but somehow he finally managed to get it opened.  One day I'm sure I will look back on this and laugh, but last night I was NOT laughing.

They needed a snack after swimming!!!

There were dogs out on the porch barking and she was trying to see what was going on!

She woke up at 7:30am yesterday and didn't have a nap until we got home about 4pm.  She was still just as sweet as ever!