Thursday, June 30, 2011


The other night when I was cooking it was also time for Anna Claire to eat.  So Abby said can I feed her, so I said well sure.  When she was done, Kyndal said can I give her her milk, so I said well sure.  What big helpers they are!  They also wanted to get her undressed for her bath that night.  That was TOTALLY hilarious.  I even got the video camera out for that. 

Abby and Kyndal went to Extreme Tuesday's at Parkview on Tuesday, then we all went to lunch.  They played outside for a little while.  Complaining most of the time, b/c it was so hot, oh and bug bites!!!

I took A & K swimming yesterday while Craig took an extra long lunch to sit with AC.  She doesn't really like to swim much and it's just easier with the bigger girls too.  What a super daddy!

We had church last night, so after swimming too, the girls were very tired.

Today, A & K played on their slipping slide for a bit and then we went to the library this afternoon for the summer program.  After the library I took them to get a shaved ice!

I went on a bike ride with a friend from church.  I have to be honest, I was quite nervous about this most of the day, b/c I haven't been on a bike in FOREVER.  And the friend is in GREAT shape!  I'm wayyyyyy out of shape, and it was SUPER HOTTT!  I made it for about 50 minutes though.  It was fun, but my booty is very sore!!!!

Tomorrow we will go back to the library sometime for them to get new books.  Their daddy is also taking them swimming sometime too.

Saturday I guess I will wash all the clothes and start packing for our trip to B'ham for the 4th, my moms b'day, business with our house, SVB with our girls, visiting with everyone I hope, just some fun with family.  And clean my car up, fun fun!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning Craig and Abby and Kyndal went to play some golf while Anna Claire and I cleaned the house!!!!  After golfing and having lunch the girls wanted to play on the slipping slide, so Craig went and cleaned it up and filled it back up for them.  Then he tried sliding down it, I missed that!!!  He did play with them for a while and they loved that.  Of course it took me all day to clean the house with Anna Claire's help!! 

Sunday after church Aunt Rikki came for a visit!  We ate some lunch and Aunt Rikki played with the girls and then off to church again!  We let the girls stay up later than usual since Aunt Rikki was here, so they enjoyed that.

Today after some good breakfast cooked by Daddy (always taste better when I don't have to cook it), and some play time in the house, Craig, Aunt Rikki, and the big girls went swimming.  After Anna Claire got up from her nap we headed to the pool too.  It was super hot outside.  After swimming Aunt Rikki took Abby and Kyndal to Wal-Mart and bought them each a toy.  Thank you Aunt Rikki, you are too sweet.

The girls had a wonderful time with their Aunt Rikki, this was her first visit to Eufaula, and we hope she will come back soon, we really enjoyed her being here.

Headed out for a game of golf!

I wet Anna Claire's head to keep her cool and then made her hair stick up, hehe!!

Abby and Kyndal convinced Aunt Rikki that Anna Claire needed 100 more balls for her ball pit!!!

Abby got an Easy Bake Oven and Kyndal got Zzu Zzu Pets (I probably didn't spell that right)!  Thanks again Aunt Rikki, we love you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Tooth

We have had VBS all week in the morning and in the evening.  Friday night Abby said I'm so glad I can sleep in in the morning, I said yea me too.  So Craig and I stayed up too late talking and at 5:00am Abby comes to the bed to inform me of something:

Abby:  Momma there was something hard in my mouth, can you see if it's a tooth?
Me:  Yea lets go to the bathroom so I can turn on a light.
Abby:  I don't think it's a tooth because I don't taste blood! (barf)

We go to the bathroom and she opens her hand and yep it was a tooth!!!  Then she opened her mouth and yep there was a tooth missing!!!  She then went and woke up her daddy to tell him about it and ask him to hold it!!!  It took me an hour and a half to get back to sleep.  Normally when Abby has a loose tooth she talks about it all the time, but she has not mentioned a word about this tooth, so I guess it was just ready to come out in her sleep!!! 

I never carry cash on me, but last night I went to buy some ice and I had 5 1's.  My ice was $2, and I said to myself well what will I do with these $3.  Now I know, put it under Abby's pillow!  However we do play the tooth fairy game, but as with Santa Clause, it's only a game for us, our kids know their parents are the ones who do it!  All may not agree with our ways, but not necessary, they are our kids!!!!!!!!

This morning Kyndal woke up at 8:15, Abby at 8:45.  Those girls were tired!

This is from a few months ago, but I love this picture of her and you can see teeth missing!  I believe she has lost all of her baby teeth, but I'm no dentist either!

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Words

I didn't want to forget the cute little words Anna Claire has started to say!  She just recently has started saying some new ones and she will say them when you tell her too, so cute!

Of course, Momma and Dadda for a while now
Bye Bye for a while now
Cheese (Teeese) she says this everytime I get the camera out
Uh Oh (Uh ooo)
Thank You (Tank ew)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A week of VBS

This week the girls have been going to Parkview's VBS in the morning from 8-11.  They really enjoy it too.  When they get home, they eat lunch and have to take a nap, or at least lay down and rest for an hour.  They play for a while or watch a little TV, have dinner and then off to our VBS from 6:30-8:30.  So this is a busy week for us.  Anna Claire and I ran errands today while Abby and Kyndal were at VBS, so that kind of messes up her napping schedule, but she should be okay.  She normally goes to bed at 8 pm, so being at the church until 8:30 or a little later messes her up some too, but she is a trooper. 

Today they have story time at the library at 2 that I know Abby and Kyndal would love to go to, but this could all be a little too much for one day for me and for Anna Claire!!!!  We will see!

My camera is on it's last leg, sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't.  I don't know what is wrong with it, but it makes me sad because I take pictures every day.  Now I will have to buy a new one, but that will have to wait for a while.  Hopefully mine will work with me a little longer!!!

The girls have toys in those little buckets to play with in the tub and I normally never let Anna Claire in the bathroom, but this was while I was running around like crazy getting ready to go to VBS and I just said the heck with it and let her play and boy did she love it!!!

Ready for VBS this morning!!!

She always sucks her left thumb and plays with her ear or head with her right hand (so cute)!

Sweet sisters!!!  Love them dearly!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend.  Friday, we went to the library for story time and to get new books.  The girls played outside on their slide for a while.  Saturday, Craig took Abby and Kyndal swimming while Anna Claire took a nap and mommy enjoyed some quiet time!!!  I had a VBS meeting that afternoon too.  Sunday after church we had lunch with some people from the church.  We really enjoyed the meal and the fellowship.  Sunday evening we didn't have church since it was Father's Day, but Craig and the big girls did go to the church to set up Craig's area for VBS, while I cooked dinner and played with Anna Claire.

I hope all the daddy's had a great Father's Day!  We are very thankful for the wonderful daddy that lives in our house.  Our girls are very blessed to have such an awesome dad!!!

Headed out to the library!

Watching daddy go out the front door!

Time for church

Miss Hollywood!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 year old check-up

Today Anna Claire went for her 1 year old check up.  It went well.  She weighs 19 pounds 9 oz, which is in the 25%, and she is 30.1 in, which is in the 75%.  The Dr. says she needs to eat more!!  I'm not concerned though, she had the stomach bug last week and she eats well.  She also got 4 shots, bless her heart.  It really does break my heart when she is laying there looking up at me like why won't you get me.  She is getting more attached to mommy as she gets older!!!  She does go to others, but likes to be with momma, can't say that it hurts my feelings.

There is a precious lady who is a member of our first church we served as pastor who has always been so kind to our family.  She sent the girls some money, so we took them to Toys R Us Tuesday evening and let them each get a toy, and a water slide, and they also bought another swim suit!!!  We are really blessed and very thankful!

I also found some more birthday pictures on my camera, so I will post a few more of those!

Isn't this outfit soooo cute?!?!

She loves this toy and it's so cute to see her climb in and out of it!

Their daddy blew up the water slide for them and set it up all nicely with the plastic under it so they wouldn't track grass on the slide, b/c they hate for grass to be in the water!!!  It was HOT out there and daddy was sweating  up a storm!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna Claire's 1st Birthday

Ok, obviously if you read the post before, you know we were in B'ham for Anna Claire's birthday party.  All our family is there and it just makes it easier for everyone!!  So Saturday was her actual birthday and her birthday party.  We had lunch with my family at my moms house before the party and my mom and Steve had a slipping slide there for the kids to play on.  It was really hot, but a small breeze was blowing.  I think the kids had lots of fun.  We did have lots of fun watching them, especially Marley (she was a hoot on that thing)!!!!  The party started at 1:30 and it started to rain (hard), but it was needed so no complaints.  We had the party inside anyways because of the heat.  So we sang Happy Birthday, had cupcakes and ice cream, opened presents and then it stopped raining, so the kids went back outside.  It was a really great time and Anna Claire got lots of nice things and we are very grateful to everyone.  We were so glad everyone made it to the party, it was great to see everybody.  After the party and packing up we had to head back home.  The big girls never look forward to that part, but they did okay. 

Anna Claire is absolutely a wonderful baby.  A year has gone by so quickly.  She is so laid back, just goes with the flow, and really never makes a fuss about anything.  I thought Abby and Kyndal were good and easy babies (Kyndal was a little extra whiny though), but Anna Claire is by far the BEST baby I've ever been around.  We shall see if that continues through the years!?!?!  I am so grateful we had her!

Some may know that when I was 8 weeks pregnant with her, the Dr. told me I miscarried, but I didn't and I just feel like she is such a wonderful little blessing to our family.  She is a true joy, and I'm so glad and thankful to have been chosen to be her mother. 

Singing Happy Birthday!

Not so thrilled about this cake thing!! I knew she wouldn't be!

Aunt Eron made her very cute shirt and had someone make her very cute bubble bottoms

  This was so funny, you can see Eden and Kyndal cracking up at Marley sliding!

There were a couple of kiddos missing from this pic!

Happy Birthday to our precious Anna Claire!!!
We love you a TON!!!