Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seeing His hand

I remember sitting on our bed about 1 month after being married talking about how ministry could take us different places.  I knew before I married Craig that there was a possibility of moving away from where I had always lived, but didn't really think it would.  As I sat there that night, I said "I will go just about anywhere in the US, but I won't go out of the country".  I remember as if it were yesterday really thinking that that was very logical and ok for me to think and say.  Today, it's almost embarrassing to admit that I thought it, much less said it.  I did tell him too, that I really didn't ever want to move too far from AL.  Again, for some reason in my small and very immature mind, I thought we would always stay right close to where we were.

The Lord did keep us there in the same area for about 8 years.  Then He took us to south AL, about 3 hours from "home".  That wasn't too bad, but it felt far away for a while.  We were in a small town, which we were not use too, but we managed.  The Lord had us there for almost 4 years.

Then He sent us to NH, yes NH, over 1200 miles away from "home", that's over 21 hours in the car, and about a 3 hour flight.  However, this family of 5 drives, because it's much cheaper, and good bonding time.  I never in a million years thought we would live that far away from "home".  Looking back now I see how the Lord worked in my heart and helped me to mature over the years.  It definitely took that 3 hour away from "home" move, to get me to the 21 hour away from "home" move. 

Sometimes it's a little hard being so far away from family.  We miss seeing them often and miss the girls being able to be close (to play with) their cousins and grandparents, but the Lord has provided a great church family for us.  He has provided some great friends, and we are thankful.  Some days are harder than others, but thankfully those are few and far between.  More than anything, it's a real blessing to see how the Lord is working here in NH.  It's a blessing to be a part of it.  It's a blessing to be used by Him in a small way. 

My home is not on this earth.  I'm just passing through.  Hoping to make a small difference while here.  I'm so grateful that the Lord has grown me and worked in my life, and I pray He continues to grow me each and every day to further His Kingdom and to bring Honor and Glory to His name.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A day of first's for our family

Yesterday we went to Boston with some friends to visit the New England Aquarium.  We rode the T into Boston which was fun.  The girls, and Craig loved it.  I liked it too, but I get nervy!!!!  I had no idea where to go or when to get off or where to get on, so good thing I wasn't leading this adventure.  The Aquarium was lots of fun too.  Then we went to Fanueil Hall and had lunch at Bertucci's, which was good.  After walking around a little, and getting some cookies, we headed back to the T.  When we got home, Craig and the big girls went to the pond to skate, while AC and I chilled at home:)  It was a great Family day!!!

Our first time on the T

Some of our good friends we spent the day with

The penguins

The seals

Checking out all the different fish in the tank

Enjoying some ice cream

Safe to say they had a good day and were worn out!

The title, A day of first's for our family was because it was our first time to ride the T, our first trip to the New England Aquarium, and our first time to eat at Bertucci's:)  For my memories sake!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

AC funnies

Anna Claire is at such a fun age. She says the funniest things sometimes.

She refers to her sisters as "the sisters". Like she will tell me she can't wait to be big and go to school like "the sisters".

She also calls them guys. Thanks New England for that one!! If I tell her to go tell them something, she will say, hey guys, mom said...

She called the computer a "pooter" the other day and we giggled. Not really at how she pronounced it but at what she was saying. She talks a lot. So, when we giggled, she said I can't say it right so I will just call it a pooter. I reaffirmed her that it was ok what she calls it.

She put Craig's tie around her neck the other day and proudly announced that she was Pastor Craig!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A trip to the Dentist

Some friends recommended a dentist to us and the girls saw him Monday.  He was wonderful and we are thankful.  It was Anna Claire's first time and she did very well.  She did get a little upset as he was lowering her chair, but only for a second.  Abby has 2 loose teeth that should fall out soon.  Kyndal has some teeth that she lost, but the new ones don't have room to come in, so she has to see an orthodontist in a couple of weeks for an evaluation.  Overall, very good reports:)

I just thought this was cute!!!

Abby and Kyndal didn't like the fluoride treatments as you can kinda see by the looks on their faces!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Banquet

Our church had a Valentine's Banquet on Friday night and the big girls were ask to help cook for it.  So after school and lunch, they went to the church to cook.  They were so excited and had a blast.  Anna Claire was not thrilled that she was not big enough to stay and help, but she was told she could help next year.  For her, that means tomorrow!!!!  I went back and took some pictures of them helping and their finished products.

That night, they also helped the young adults serve.  It was a great evening and a great time was had by all.  Oh, and the food was wonderful, of course.  Sweet memories...

They got just a little messy!

She finally got to help!  She was getting slightly irritated that she wasn't able to:)

Anna Claire and I shared a slice of this cake and it was delicious!

Our sweet Valentine girls:):):)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Wonderland Walk

Yesterday it snowed all day. We got about another foot. We decided to take a walk up to the park. Anna Claire doesn't really enjoy being in the snow a whole lot, but she did good. It was so beautiful. Then we came home for fresh pineapple and hot "toe toe" according to AC.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday's snow storm

I say Wednesday because we are due for another one on Sunday. Its been snowing since before daylight and it's still coming down. We are up to a foot now. Craig and the big girls ventured out while Anna Claire napped. It's pretty, but I'm still ready for summer. I did however stay in my pajamas all day!😀

Monday, February 3, 2014

Around here...

Thursday, we had a lunch play date with new friends.  That night we had more friends over for dinner and fellowship.  Had a great time as usual.

Friday, Craig and I had date night.  We went to work out together, dinner, and a stroll around the mall.  It was a really nice time.

Saturday, I got to cash in my Christmas gift of a day at the spa, which was wonderful.  Had lunch by myself, did a little Sam's shopping, and worked out.  It was a great day.  Thank you Craigy!!!

Sunday, we had a good day at church.  It was my day to serve in the nursery, so I didn't get to hear the sermon, but I know it was great, because it always is.  We had a party at the church that night, which was lots of fun too.  Love fellow shipping with all our sweet friends.

The girls are still doing really well in school.  All A's and B's for both of them.  They still really enjoy the way we are doing school this year, and so am I.  Co-op is going very well too.  Abby only has one class this semester, so that's a little boring for her, having to wait 2 hours for Kyndal to finish, but she can read or work on something.

They both love their gymnastics/dance class.  They are learning and getting ready for their recital that will take place in June.

We are expecting a pretty big snow storm here Wednesday and Sunday.  I don't so much mind the snow storm itself, but I don't like missing church for them, which may be a possibility if it's as big as they are expecting right now.  I also don't like when it interferes with our out of the house schedule, but it could be worse, so I'll stop complaining!!!

Anna Claire is learning to ride her bike like a real pro.  She will certainly be ready to hit the bike trail come summer!  Have I mentioned I'm SO ready for summer:)

A couple of girls have had a little cold this past week, hope that's all over now.

I guess that's about all for now:):):)