Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winter is coming

We already have rain/snow in the forecast.  The low's are below freezing.  All of the leaves are falling off of the trees.  Craig is so ready to see some snow.  Me, not so much:)  The girls are ready to go sledding.  The fresh fallen snow is super pretty, I just don't like getting out in it.  It's coming though:)

As the sun was setting one day, I was looking out the back door, and it looked so pretty as you can still see some pretty color in the trees.  Another week, and those trees will be bare.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AC Cuteness

When I came home the other day, Abby had fixed Anna Claire's hair, and she looked so cute!

On our way home from AL, AC said, "Can I take my shoe off, my foot tickles".  Her foot must have fallen asleep.  It was cute.

She ask Abby, "Can I sleep in you bed" every night!

When we see folk's houses dressed up for Halloween, she says, "Look, dem house is smooky".  She means spooky.  It's hilarious:)

She sings one of the songs off Teen Beach Movie, that she has heard Abby and Kyndal sing and it is beyond cute and funny!

She must have had a really fun time at Pump It Up while in B'ham, because she says, "I'm going to Halloween and Pump It Up" all the time.  We are going trick or treating for the first time ever this year (that's what she is talking about "going to Halloween".)  The girls are excited.  We have always gone to a Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat, but they don't do those much here!

I bought her some leggings and when she put them on, she said "Kyndal I got pants like you".  Kyndal loves to wear leggings!

She also got some new footie PJ's, and when she put them on for the first time the other night, she was so excited and ran up the stairs saying, "Hey guls (girls) look at my pajama's".
 Total cuteness, this girl is a hoot!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fund raiser and Bowling

Saturday, we had a fund raiser to attend for some special people in our church.  They have a great organization called, Beauty for Ashes, where they help those who have lost their things in a tragedy.  They had a spaghetti dinner and we went.

Afterwards, we had a bowling outing with the church, which was lots of fun.  Lots of people went, and we all had a really great time of fellowship and fun together!

The kids were great entertainment!

When I bought AC this outfit, I never noticed that it said anything on it.  So when I got her dressed, I saw that it said "Check Meowt"  It had a kitty on it.  I was like what in the world, how weird.  So that night at the bowling alley, Shirley said, I love Anna Claire's shirt.  I said thank you, but I have no idea what it means.  She said "Check Me Out".  I was like, Oooooo, ha, they got a good laugh out of that:)

Amanda was cracking me up holding her face over the air!!!

Sean needed the ramp to help him bowl:) ha

Daddy helping Kyndal figure out how to roll that big ole ball!

Abby got the hang of it!

Sweet girl wouldn't smile for me!  Little stinker:)

She loves playing with Mrs. Karen's phone!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Corn maze with friends

Last Saturday, we went to a local corn maze with some of our good friends.  We had a really fun time feeding some animals, taking pictures, and walking through the maze.  Afterwards we went to their house for some delicious dinner and wonderful fellowship!  It was a great time:)

Craig, Sean, and Jenn were the only ones brave enough to feed the animals!


Yeah, we made it to the end:)

Matthew looks thrilled to be taking a pic with all the girls, huh?!?!?

They were doing "showbiz" according to Amanda:)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 4)

Tuesday, we got on the road about 9 am our time and stopped and slept in VA.  Wednesday, we got back on the road about 9 am and drove to Hoboken NJ for lunch and a stop at Carlo's Bake Shop, where Craig and I both saw Buddy walk up the stairs smiling!  It was pretty cool:)  We drove thru NYC and enjoyed some cool sights, but it was too late and crowded to stop.  It was a really great day made with some sweet memories!

Where we had lunch.  It was good!

It was pretty neat to be in there and see all the stuff that we have only seen on TV!

This was my dessert, which was really good.  Everyone else got cupcakes and said they were very good too.

Would love to go spend the day walking around there:)  Maybe one day!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 3)

Monday, Ella got to stay out of school and so did Marley, so we took all the kids to Pump It Up and lunch.  I had called a friend, Emily and her daughter Cheryl Kaye, to join us, and they showed up and surprised us.  The kids all had a really great time, and us momma's enjoyed catching up:)

Abby and Maddox, I'm not sure what Maddox thought about the slide!

Abby and Anna Claire


Aunt Eron and AC

Kyndal, Ella, Wyatt, and Abby

Running around!

Too funny!

Sweet boy was so tired, but so good!

Loving on Evie

About the last hour, she started going up and down the slide her self and loved it:)

Maddox, Marley, Wyatt, Anna Claire, Kyndal, Cheryl Kaye, Abby, Ella, and Evie

A good ole Zaxby's lunch!

Sweet girl was exhausted!

Ella entertaining Mad Man

Helping AC in her seat and saying our good bye's

A tired bunch of kids:)