Thursday, March 20, 2014


Kyndal had a palate expander put in on Tuesday. She has been doing the prep that led up to the expander for the last two weeks. For 28 days we will tighten the expander every night before bed. Last night was our first time. She is such a trooper and so easy going.

After the 28 days, if it's how they want it, it stays in for 6 months. If it's not how they want it, we will tighten it a few more days and then stays for 6 months. Then she will wear a retainer at night until it's time for braces.

Thankful to get this corrected while she is still young. Thankful for good dentists and orthodontists. Thankful for Kyndals sweet easy going spirit.

PS: keeping that thing clean is a JOB:)

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