Friday, September 18, 2015

Pastor's Retreat

Craig and I were blessed to be able to attend the New England's Pastor Encouragement Retreat that Phil Waldrep Ministries does this past weekend.  It was held in Portland, Maine this year.  We truly had the most wonderful, refreshing, encouraging, uplifting time I believe we have ever had.  It was such a blessing to us.  It was so nice to get away for a few days to some place new and gather with other pastor's and their wives and just be poured into and shown how much we all are appreciated.

Phil Waldrep Ministries is in Decatur, Alabama and he has done this retreat for years.  This was our first time to go and man, were we blessed!  The worship music was a blessing, the speakers were a blessing, Phil's team was a blessing, our group leaders were awesome.  I just can't say enough good things about it.  Charles Billingsley led the music, Andy Andrews, Michael and Lauren McAfee, Phil Waldrep, Margaret Feinberg, Duffy Robbins, and Lyndy Phillips all ministered to us so much!

After we arrived Thursday afternoon and checked in, we went and had dinner and walked around a little.  Registration and our first session was that evening.  Friday, we had a good breakfast, breakout sessions, and our main session.  They gave us box lunches to go where ever we liked to eat them.  Craig and I chose to go back to our room to eat, talk, relax, and study a little.  We had free time until 7 that night.  We went for a run around the bay which was so nice.  The weather was great and the view was awesome.  Friday night was a banquet where they served lobster, chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, slaw, rolls, and a mashed potato bar.  It was great and we ate too much.  We played a game, were blessed big time, and were entertained by Lyndy Phillips.  It was so much fun.  Saturday, we had another good breakfast, another breakout session which was so good and the main session which was also SO good.  Then we grab some lunch and were on our way back to NH.

Some sweet friends kept our girls for the weekend.  It was also SO encouraging and such a blessing to know that our girls were safe, loved, and well cared for while we were away.  We are forever grateful to ALL who made this weekend what it was for our family!

This is the only picture I took while we were there.  This was after our run and the beautiful track we ran on.  I was WAY too into every moment to take lots of pictures.  The memories from the weekend will forever be in my mind and heart!  #thankful

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