Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our big girls

Abby and Kyndal are really great helpers.  Abby likes to cook as often as possible and she probably cooked breakfast 5 days a week through the summer.  Kyndal likes to cook as well, but I'm not sure she likes it as much as Abby does.  Kyndal does like to keep things clean and tidy though and I appreciate that.  One day, they took upon themselves to dust the living room, clean the kitchen, and sweep and mop both of those rooms without me knowing.  I thought it was a very kind gesture and one that I greatly appreciated.  Abby cooks dinner on the days I have long runs too, because who really wants to stand in the kitchen after running lots of miles?  Not this girl!!!  So thank you girls, y'all are wonderful for many more reasons than doing these special things!

Precious, precious children

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