Friday, October 17, 2014

AC ism's

Anna Claire still cracks us up on a regular basis.  The things she says sometimes are so funny.

When I am fixing her hair, sometimes she will ask me to do a "regie" ponytail.  (regular)

Her Sunday School teacher told me the other day that last Sunday morning, she was helping her put some little books together and after a few minutes, Anna Claire said, "well I think I've done enough".

When she is coloring at school, after about 1 minute, she will say "mom, my hand is tired and needs a break".

Organsize= Organize

Breakcus= Breakfast

Stomach steak= Stomach ache

O, and the faces she makes sometimes are absolutely hilarious!!  The girl is spunky and I love it, and I love her to pieces.


Julie Loftin said...

So cute! Kids say the funniest things!

Eron Miller said...

Wish I could squeeze her!!!