Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Around here

The big girls have their last soccer game this Saturday if the weather cooperates.  It's suppose to rain and be really cold.  They will play in the cold, but I don't know about the rain.

Kyndal is getting some sewing lessons on Friday's and she is loving it.

Gymnastics is in full swing and going well.  They all 3 really love it.

The church had a surprise Pastor Appreciation luncheon this past Sunday.  We knew there was a lunch, we just didn't know it was for the Pastor and his family.  They kept that secret.  It was lots of fun and so thoughtful.  We are truly thankful.  (We do have a really great pastor):)  The cake (pictured) was delicious!

Craig and I had a little dinner date one night last week and that was very enjoyable.

My studies on nutrition are coming along well.  It's definitely a lot of information to take in and I'm enjoying it.

Abby is enjoying being a part of the youth group and going to the Bible studies.  We enjoy hearing about what she has learned each week.

We had friends over for dinner and fellowship the last 2 weekends which we really enjoy.  We are getting back into the swing of having church friends over for dinner, at least twice a month.  In the summer months, it's a bit harder, because everyone is busy and it's so nice you just wanna be outside.

The winter is coming quickly.  It's suppose to be Very cold this weekend.

School is going great.  All 3 girls are doing really well, and we are grateful for that.

Craig and I are still working out together when we can.  Sometimes we have to go solo, but as long as we get it done, that's what matters.  We don't plan to train or run hard until late winter or spring as we want to do a marathon in the early summer, Lord willing.

I guess that's about it.....

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