Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Abby and Kyndal are both playing soccer again this year.  They have already had 4 games and they are doing really well.  They are both much more aggressive this year, which is good.  They both really like playing too.  They are on different leagues, so we are there longer, but that's ok.  It's a lot of fun watching them and seeing how they have grown from last year.  So far, the weather has been really great and very pretty.  This past Saturday was cold, windy, and cloudy though.

Kyndal is the taller blond in the green!

Abby is behind that boy there, fighting for the ball!

There she is in the green!
This was not Abby's best game.  While Kyndal was playing, Abby was playing with Anna Claire near the bushes and she was wearing flip flops.  She got stung by a wasp right between her toes.  Then it was time for her game.  She played and a few minutes before it was over, she was looking at us to tell us that her foot was hurting and she took a flying ball to the head.  And, that's all she wrote.  She was done!  So we cheered for her team to the end!

To say that this girl LOVES gymnastics is a huge understatement.  She does this move here constantly, and ask "do I have gymnastics today" 548964 times a week.

She loves her babies too.  Well, she actually calls them her sisters!!!
She comes to support her "real" sisters, but she doesn't really pay attention much:):):)

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