Sunday, July 8, 2012


She said her bear wanted some juice too!

Putting on a show for us on the 4th!

Too precious!  Memories I never want to forget!

Shelling peas!

A night golf lesson in the front yard with Daddy!

Beware of Anna Claire if there are any markers or crayons around!

She will write on anything and everything!

There are some days when being a mom is exhausting, or overwhelming, or just plain hard, but ALWAYS a blessing.  I love these girls and I love my God even more for allowing me the privilege to be their mom. 


Pamela said...

They are blessings! Your blessings are so adorable. I love that they put on a show for you. Love that sweet one with blue legs!

Roan said...

I am just spending some time here catching are so right, our children are BLESSINGS. And we have to remind ourselves of that every single day! And soak it all up. :)