Saturday, July 14, 2012


Lately we have been doing lots of swimming.  We went with Nina and Lexie on Tuesday.  After being there for about an hour, a nasty storm started brewing.  Wednesday morning we went with Lisa, Blaire, Abigail, and Jadyn.  Abigail and Jadyn are 2 of 4 children and their family are missionaries in Jordan.  They are here on furlow.  They are a precious family.

Anna Claire loves the water now!

Abby, Blaire, Kyndal, and Abigail

Jadyn and Anna Claire!  (Jadyn loved playing with AC and AC loved her too)

When you ask her if she wants to go swimming, she says wa-wa over and over, it's so cute!

Tuesday night, Craig made some home made ice cream and Anna Claire got her own bowl and she was hilarious to watch once it was all gone.  She was trying to get every last drop!

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