Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome Baby Maddox

My sister gave birth to her sweet baby boy on Wednesday afternoon after a short (very long for her) delivery.  Her epidural didn't work after the third try.  Same happened when she had her daughter.  Maddox came quickly though.  He is just so precious and a good baby.  We were so happy to get to go and visit for a couple of days.

The beautiful mommy!
The Big sister, Marley!  She did tell me I could take him home with me.  Later she changed her mind and said I could have him during the day, but they needed him at night!!!  Funny girl!
Miller, family of 4!!!
Mommy and her babies!!!  What a blessing:)


Tesha said...

What a blessing indeed they are a beautiful family!

eronmiller said...

What a sweet blog post brought tears to my eyes, I love all the pictures you captured and so glad y'all were able to be here!!! We are so blessed and thankful for our two precious children!!

Angie Vik said...

She has got to be the nicest looking woman who just had a baby. My just after giving birth pictures were me in a wrinkled hospital gown looking tired, pale, and shell-shocked. Glad things went well and the baby is precious.