Thursday, April 11, 2013

34 months

Ha, no I do not say Anna Claire is 34 months, just what I wanted to title this post!  It's a bit crazy that in 2 months from today, our baby will be 3 years old, just crazy!  She is such a spunky little thing and so much fun most all the time!

She is talking like crazy now and I wanted to record some things she says and does for my memory's sake:

If we tell the girls to go play and they head upstairs, AC follows as quickly as possible saying, "wait guls".  Wait girls.

Anytime we tell her something to do, she goes and tells Abby and Kyndal what we said and always adds on "momma said so" or "daddy said so".

She is fully potty trained now, but can be a very head strong, stubborn little thing.  So sometimes she will take care of business in the potty, then proceed to finish in her undies.  She has done this a few times and I hope is done with all that.

If you ask her why she does something, she always says, "betause".  because.

When we are getting ready for church, she will ask, "my tass momma". my class momma.

If she doesn't think her dinner looks good, she will say, "dis ooey" before even trying it.

Every time she needs to use the restroom, she says, "momma poopoo bad".

She loves to have her picture taken and always wants to see it afterwards.

Earlier this week, the weather was so nice out, so we chilled on the deck for a while.  However, now we are under a winter storm warning.  Go figure!

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Tesha Papik said...

Oh I love her sweet little saying... priceless:) She is adorable!!!