Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladies Day Apart

A church here in town does a Ladies Conference once a year.  This was their 21st one to do this weekend.  Myself along with some other ladies went yesterday and had a wonderful time.  Patsy Clairmont was the speaker and she is soooo funny.  In the midst of her funniness she says some really encouraging and challenging things.

Her main theme was "Saying Yes" to God.

I just so happen to be blessed with a wonderful pastor who shares God's Word in an excellent way.  Oh and I just so happen to be blessed to be married to my pastor, which I think gives me even more insight into understanding Scripture, because I have the benefit of asking questions at any and all times.  So all the things that she spoke about that spoke to me, I've heard, it just helps hearing it more often from different people.

A few things that stuck out to me:

1.  She mentioned that when someone says something to you that you don't like, and it makes you mad, it's usually because they are pointing out something in your character that is true.

2.  She said emotions don't have brains, He didn't create emotions for us to think and make decisions with.

3.  She said God will meet our needs.  If we try to meet our own needs, our need will turn to greed.  If we take our need to Jesus, our need turns to seed for us to grow.

4.  She talked about being faithful with the little in life, before expecting to be given much in life.  Sometimes for me, I think being a stay at home mom doesn't always have a lot of purpose.  In that I mean, not bringing any financial help into the house, or just sometimes feeling like you don't really do much.  And to be quiet honest sometimes it's an unappreciated job (in the world's eyes).  The Lord's been working on me in this area lately and she just helped encourage me even more, because being a stay at home mom is the MOST important job a mother could ever have.  I have 3 little girls who are watching my every move, listening to my every word, and learning from all I do.  That is a job with a LOT of purpose.  A job that I need to take very serious and bathe in prayer each and every day.  A job that I'm extremely thankful to be able to do.  So I thank God for this stage in life, and I thank my husband for doing all he can to make it possible, to support me, and to encourage me along the way.  I am indeed a very blessed woman!!

She is hysterical

The Praise Team did a wonderful job in leading in Worship through song.


Tesha Papik said...

Oh wow it sounds so wonderful! LOVE the truths of wisdom you wrote here thank you for sharing them! SO glad you were blessed.

eronmiller said...

Very encouraging words thanks for sharing what you heard, I've heard Patsy Clairmont a couple of times and yes she is very funny and very wise in the word!!!