Thursday, June 20, 2013


Being a mom can be overwhelming, yet very rewarding at the same time.  I wonder so much about having a good balance on teaching right from wrong, discipling when necessary, and being way to naggy at times too.  I think about these things a lot.  I only get this one chance at being their mom while they are little, I want to take it very serious and do a really good job.  I know I will fail at times, I know I have failed at times, but I hope they NEVER miss out on the fact that I have so much love for them.  We are blessed with 3 unique, loving, beautiful girls and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to be their mommy.  I am also very thankful that the Lord has made it possible for me to be a SAHM since before Abby was born, and allowed me to homeschool them going on 3 years now.  I'm very thankful for a hard working, wonderful husband who is so supportive and encouraging:)  Love my family!


Julie Loftin said...

Cute picture and you look tanned! :) Pretty!

Tesha Papik said...

Hi Alison just here catching up on all your happenings. I LOVE this pictures of you with your girls! TO CUTE!