Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney on Ice/Fun day

Anna Claire asked if Mickey and Minnie would be there, and I told her I wasn't sure because this show was called Princesses and Heros.  So when Mickey and Minnie came out, this was her reaction...

After the show, we went to Olive Garden for lunch, which was delicious.

We had a great seat right by a window where we could watch the pretty snow fall.

The girls also had money to spend either at the show or we told them we would take them where ever they wanted to spend it.  They chose different places.  Anna Claire wanted to ride the train at the mall, so that's where we headed to next.

 That was a tight squeeze!

They position that train in the perfect place in the mall, right in front of Build A Bear!  So Anna Claire wanted to go make a bear.  

Abby and Kyndal wanted to go to Wal Mart to spend their money.  However on the way there, we couldn't get up the hill, so we had to come home and wait for the plowers to come back through and clean the roads a little more.

This picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of this in person, at all!

After waiting for about an hour and the roads looked a little better, we went back out.  The girls got what they wanted and we picked up a pizza and came back home:):):)

We had a really great day together as a family having lots of fun and making wonderful memories:)

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