Thursday, January 16, 2014

The drawer & scary

We have a drawer in the kitchen that holds the girls gum and candy.  There are rules to this drawer and they are followed:)  Anna Claire ask for a piece of gum all the time, but they only get 2 pieces a day.  So she always gets one in the morning after brushing her teeth, or toofies, as she refers to them.  Every morning she says, Momma can I get some gum.  I say yes, and she says, ok, I will brush my toofies first.  See, she knows the routine:)  She cracks me up getting in the drawer though because she can barely see in it on her tippy toes..

Saturday morning, before 8, the girls were playing in their room and they are always loud, as in it sounds like the roof may fall in at any time.  Then we heard a cry.  A bad cry.  A cry that let me know someone was hurt.  One of those cries you Don't like to hear.  I jumped up and a kid came running to tell me Anna Claire jumped down the stairs and hurt her self.  She was laying on her bed where Abby put her and she wouldn't really move much and her face was getting pale and her breathing was a bit shallow.  I had to go to another room, so I didn't freak out.  Thankfully Craig had not left yet.  I prayed while Craig looked over her.  She had jumped from the 5th stair after watching her sister's do it and landed on the last stair on her butt and her back hit the stair before it.  It knocked the breath out of her.  ScArEd me to death.  She sat with me for an hour and then went back to playing.  So very thankful she was/is ok. 

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