Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Spirit

Thankfully, it seems as though spring has sprung in NH.  This weekend has been beautiful and even hit the low 70s.  It's wonderful.  We haven't been able to enjoy nice (well what I call nice anyways) weather since September!!!  It's very welcomed by me for sure:)

Anna Claire loves to talk and sing.  She is usually doing one of those constantly.  It's very cute most all the time.  She likes to play school and baby.  She really likes to play with Kyndal, but she does play by herself sometimes and talks to her self.  I love to sit and listen to her, especially when she doesn't know that's what I'm doing.  It's the cutest!  I didn't play well by myself as a kid, but Craig said he did!

She was singing and twirling on the deck the other day, so I went and got my camera:)

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