Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cooking Party

Last Friday night the girls had a cooking birthday party for a sweet friend.  They really had a blast.  When we left, Abby said that's the best birthday party she's been to.  Kyndal asked to have hers there too.

Making the dough for their pizza

Decorating their cupcakes

The Birthday Girl:)

Enjoying their pizza that they made themselves from scratch.  They were good too:)

She was invited to participate in the cooking, but declined, however she was all over the eating part:)

Now, enjoying their yummy cupcakes.  The cupcakes were already made for them, and they got to decorate 2 of their own.  Abby loaded hers down with frosting, Kyndal not so much!!

Then they started dancing and it was hilarious...

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Julie Loftin said...

A cooking birthday party.....what a cute idea! Looks like they had a blast!! :)