Sunday, May 4, 2014


I tried posting a blog from my phone with a few cute pictures, but the blogger app wouldn't work.:(

This past week was our spring break.  It was a nice break from our regular routine.  We cleaned the house real good, did some relaxing, and had several play dates and spend the nights.  It rained all week till Friday.  Thankfully we were able to get outside some over the weekend.

Back to our routine tomorrow.  We have 5 weeks of school left, then we are out for summer.  Yahoo:):):)

The girls first dance recital is a month from today.  Very exciting.  They have 6 dance classes left before summer break.

They are still taking Ukulele lessons on Thursdays and doing really well.  They plan to play and sing in church before too long.

Our baby girl will be 4 next month, which is a bit crazy!!  She is growing fast and getting big.  She is so funny too.  She keeps us laughing most of the time.  Her hair is getting long too:)  She loves for me to fix it with braids or 2 pony tails, or rollers some nights, which I must say turns out SO cute.

Hopefully there will be some pretty days this week where we can get out and ride bikes as a family.

I find myself not using my camera as much now that I have a phone that takes good pictures.  Just not as good as my camera, but it's easier:)

I am still loving working out everyday, I'm just not fond of waking up so early, but very thankful to be healthy enough to do it and very thankful for the determination and motivation the Lord has given me.  It's all making me more healthy, hopefully:)

We got the girls SAT results a couple of weeks ago and they both did very well.  Thankful for that too:)

We have some exciting summer plans and are very much looking forward to them, Lord willing!!

Have a great week!!!

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