Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday night the girls had a cooking birthday party, which they loved.

I have several pictures from the party, so it will have its on post.

Saturday was family day!!!  We went shopping that morning for the big girls some summer clothes.

Then we enjoyed some yummy lunch.

Then we cut the grass at the church.  I love push mowing the front yard.  It's great exercise and it's needed.  We got to push mow the back to though, because the riding lawn mower is down.  Andddd, the church has a BIG back yard that had high grass.  Abby did a little, and Craig and I did the rest.  The girls played and rode their bikes in the parking lot.

Then we went on a family bike ride on the trail.  We actually made it 6 miles, which was great for the girls.  It was fun:)

Craig says she talks the whole time!  Ha:)  We hear lots of "how cute" down the trail too.

Sunday, we had a great church service, then we went to the trail with several friends.  Everyone rode their bikes, so I walked beside Anna Claire as she rode her bike.  We of course didn't make it 6 miles. Ha!!!  After we got home and cleaned up, I cooked dinner and we watched a show together.  The girls slept good this weekend after being so worn out:)

Chilling after a fun long weekend!!!


julie Loftin said...

The girls are growing so much! Crazy! You and Craig have 3 beautiful girls!

Tesha Papik said...

A cooking birthday fun!!! Looks like you guys had a blessed weekend!:)