Sunday, June 8, 2014

Anna Claire's party

We had Anna Claire's 4th birthday party yesterday.  We had a few friends come to our house for lunch to celebrate with us.  She wanted it to be a Hello Kitty party, so it was!!!  We had lunch, cupcakes and ice cream, opened presents, and the kids played.  It was fun and she really enjoyed herself:)

Her sweet big sister Kyndal read all her cards to her!

Both of her sweet big sisters spent all of their last month's allowance on her for her birthday:)  

She also received two cards in the mail, from some family back home, just before her party which was perfect timing:)

Our baby girl will be 4 years old on Wednesday!!!


Julie Loftin said...

Such sweet big sisters she has :). Looks like she really enjoyed herself at her party! So cute!

Angie Vik said...

Wow, she's getting so big. I love her shirt. That's a fun idea. I have a friend who lived in Japan for a few years and she said "Hello Kitty" is a big deal over there.

Eron Miller said...

She is so precious and has two very sweet and thoughtful sisters, I sure do love those girls!