Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  We have had a really fun and busy first week of summer vacation.  We went to a fun day, grocery shopping, swim suit shopping, next year's school curriculum shopping, the girl's last dance class, guitar practice, and several other little things.  We are having little friends over tonight, a cookout tomorrow night, and church and fun with Daddy on Sunday:)

2.  A friend of mine told me there was a wing place in Concord that she heard was really good.  When she told me what it was, I was SO excited!!!! Buffalo Wild Wings:)  It is really good, but it so made me think of AL.  The girls and I went for lunch the next day, which just so happen to be kids eat for $2 day.  Can't beat that:)

O so yummy!  And very fattening and bad for you, even though I love it and felt at home for about an hour, I won't be going there too often.  Haha  They had tablets for kids to play with, and of course the girls loved that!

3.  It's been very rainy here this week, but suppose to be pretty tomorrow afternoon and the next few days.  Ready for some sunshine.

4.  We are on the countdown for something exciting, Lord willing, and we are SUPER DUPER excited!!!

5.  We have another busy week planned for next week.  Dentist visits, Dr. visits, Senior Saints, Father's Day, guitar practice, my first 5K for this year, and a special birthday party to name a few (in no certain order)!!!

Have a Happy and Blessed Weekend:):):)

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Tesha Papik said...

Can't wait to hear what got you excited;) have a blessed week!