Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last weekend

We had a lot of fun this past weekend.  Friday afternoon, we went to a bookstore and to dinner as a family.  Then on our way home, Craig missed his turn and got off on a different exit, where we passed the Verizon Center where they were having a hockey game that Craig had tickets to and had forgotten all about it.  He only had 4, so he and the girls were planning to go.  It was 30 minutes before game time and the tickets were at the church and they needed coats from home.  I was going to do our Christmas shoe box shopping, so I took them back to the game about 15 minutes late, and picked them up 2 hours later.  I meant to give him the camera, but of course forgot in the rush.  They had lots of fun, and so did I!!

Thanks to some sweet friends who appreciate our ministry, this steak dinner was on them:)

I love cooking, but it's SO nice to not do it occasionally:)

Saturday, Craig was busy at the church all day, and the girls and I went through winter clothes, that I'm still washing.  Very thankful for hand me downs, and they are so cute too, and there were LOTS of them!!

The girls had a birthday party to attend that afternoon for our sweet friend Matthew.  They had a blast!

Sunday was a very busy day, where we were at the church most of it, and it was a great day:)

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