Friday, November 7, 2014

A Wedding

My Aunt Lynn (aka GiGi) got married last Saturday, and I had the privilege to be there.  So very thankful.  What a beautiful bride she was.  It was a very sweet ceremony, and David's vows were sweet as ever.  It was a beautiful and cold day:)

Getting ready!

My sweet and talented sister made her this very cute shirt to wear for the day!

Beautiful roses sent by her soon to be husband:)

She was freezing from taking pictures outside:)

Sister, Mom, and Me:)

Sister, Grandmother, and Me:)

Me, Brother, and Sister:)

Mr. & Mrs.:):)

Love it:)

Me, GiGi, and David:)

 Aunt Cindy, Mom, Aunt Lynn, and David:)

I'm pretty sure they were tired of pictures by now:)

Ready to go:):):)

I pray y'all have a wonderful Godly marriage for MANY years to come!  Love y'all:)

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Julie Loftin said...

Beautiful!! So happy you were able to go enjoy being with the family for a few days! :)