Sunday, November 9, 2014

A few days in Bama

I went to AL last Thursday for a few days for my Aunt's wedding (previous post).  I was wonderful  spending time with everyone and being a part of GiGi's wedding.  It was my first time to fly by myself, so I was a bit nervous, but had very smooth flights.  So very thankful. 

Marley and Maddox (Elsa and Olaf) ready to trick or treat!

Me and my sista boo ready for the wedding rehearsal!

Eron, Mom, and Me!  I was thrilled to be spending a few days with them:)

I got to have lunch with my mother in law (aka Mom to Craig, and MeMe to our girls)!

Got to have dinner with the rest of my in laws, with the exception of Uncle Ken and Brad!

Jason and Maddox:)

So glad this cutie finally warmed up to me.  Our last trip, he wanted NOTHING to do with me.  After the first couple of days this time, he started to love me.  He also ask where I was after I left:):)

Love them:)

A fun bunch here:)

Uncle Jason is silly 95% of the time:)

Could not ask for a better set of grandparents or prayer warriors than these two sweet people right here:)  What a blessing they are to all!

It was a busy 4 1/2 days, but I had a wonderful time.  Thankful to my hubby who let me go kid free for 5 days.  Thankful to those who made it possible.  Thankful to my sister who hosted me, and always does it so nicely:)

I was greeted right off the plane by 3 Very excited girls, and a happy husband.  I can't even count how many times I've heard, "I'm so glad you are back home", by all of them.  It's great to be so loved and appreciated.  Hope I show the same to them:):)

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