Sunday, April 26, 2015

Destiny Rescue 5K

Yesterday we had our first 5K of the year.  Craig is running with me this year and it's so much fun.  We ran for a wonderful ministry yesterday that rescues children from human trafficking.  It was their first race and so well done.  It was a trail run, which those are not the easiest, but it was lots of fun.  Oh and it was freeeeeeezing.  Like 30 degrees with a real feel of 27.  I finally started to warm up around 1.5 miles.  Craig finished at 27:46 and I finished at 31:05. 

Before the race

With our friend Kathy

Abby was in charge of the camera, so as I scrolled through and saw this one, I LOL:)

A sister selfie!!!  They hung out in the car until they saw people finishing the race.

Craig finishing up

Ah, the finish line!

And, we're done!!!!

Can't wait for the next one:)

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Julie Loftin said...

Great job you two!! That pic of Craig posing cracked me up!! =)