Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4 Teeth

Before we left for B'ham, Kyndal's orthodontist said she needed to have 4 teeth pulled, so I had to take her to an oral surgeon.  I didn't want to have it done before we left so we made an appointment for the week we returned.  They told me to give her some medicine that would make her loopy before we left home.  This made me so nervous.  Craig was back in B'ham for his dad's funeral, so I was on my own.  They were not going to let me be in the room with her and this made us both nervous.  However, once I gave her the medicine, she was out of it.  She said, "if this is suppose to make me not nervous, it works".  I was happy to hear that, although she had small tears in her eyes when they sent me out.  It only took them 20 minutes and they said more than once that she was an excellent patient, better than most adults.  She is really such a trooper.  Now she has her new retainer and is good to go:)

A funny:  The day before we went, she said, "I'm gonna ask for my teeth so the tooth fairy will come".  We don't actually play the tooth fairy game, but we do give them money when they lose teeth.  We usually give them $5 a tooth. lol.  So I had not even given that a thought until she said that.  So the "tooth fairy" really went broke for this adventure:):):) haha

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On our way to the oral surgeon's office!!!

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