Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday snipets

We are doing the C25K with the girls to get them some exercise and we plan to run a family 5K on August 30th.  Anna Claire does train with us, but her Dr suggested she not run for longer than a mile at a time because of her age.  So Craig or myself will run at her pace with her during training and she probably won't do the 5K but we will see.  It's really been fun so far doing this together as a family.

I have an app on my phone called timehop that I love.  It's shows me pictures from years ago on the actual date.  It's so neat to see how much everyone changes.

We plan on doing fun family things every Friday up until school starts which will be the 3rd week of August.  My mom is coming to visit the weekend of Labor Day.  Yahoo

Craig and I are going on a Pastor's retreat in September, and I'm very excited and looking forward to it.

Craig and I will be running another 5K road race next month, which will be fun.

We have backyard Bible clubs 2 Sunday evenings in August, which will be lots of fun too.  Praying there will be lots of kids ready to hear what the Lord has done for us all.

Lots going on and we plan to enjoy every bit of it and soak up the summer time:)

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These 2 cuties went to VBS at a local church and loved it!

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