Monday, May 7, 2012

Much appreciated break

There were several things going on with family in B'ham this past weekend and while making plans to attend, we knew that Craig wouldn't be able to make the trip, so we decided I would go by m.y.s.e.l.f.  While I missed my family, and everyone missed seeing Craig and the girls, it was so nice for me. 

I left early Friday morning and Eron picked me up for lunch and we ran some errands to get ready for Marley's party.  After going back to her house to get everything together, we headed to Ijump for the birthday bash.

I did take my camera this weekend but I didn't capture a whole lot.  Carrying around my camera just wasn't a priority!

Marley turns "5"

Wyatt helping her out

Saturday morning my mom and I went and did a little shopping before Pa's 91st birthday bash at lunch time.  I did want to get a picture of him, and I so forgot, and I was so mad at myself.  It was a really nice time with lots of people, and lots of noise!!!

Later that afternoon, Eron and I met dad and Lisa for dinner and ran an errand for some sweet folks from church.  Mom and I went for a late night ice cream later on.  Well really I'm the only one who got ice cream, but she took me!

Sunday I went to church with mom and Steve and then we went to Eron's baby shower.  She got lots of good stuff for baby Maddox who should be here early July if she makes it that far.

Lynn, Grandmother, Eron, Mom, and me

After the shower we went to drop off all of the goodies and went to dinner with Mom and Steve.  Then we headed back to Eron's to go through everything and make of list of what else she will need.

I left out early this morning to come back home to my hubby and kiddos who I missed!  I had a really great time and am very thankful to Craig, aka rockin hubby and daddy, who kept the girls all weekend so I could go by myself.  Thank you so much!


Tesha said...

WOw what a sweet husband! I am glad to hear you had a blessed time :) I love your dress!atiosepac

Matt and Kristen said...

Sweet family you have!! And you were in my neck of the woods :) Ready for our summer to officially begin too!!

eronmiller said...

What a great weekend, even though I missed the girls and Bubba I really enjoyed my time with you, you keep me laughing, love you!!