Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to all you special ladies out there who care for children in any way!!!  I am privileged and honored to be the mother to 3 precious girls that I love dearly and am very grateful to be called momma.  I'm also blessed with a wonderful mother that I'm very thankful for!

I received several special homemade cards and pictures!  I'm thankful for their love and thoughtfulness.  Also very thankful for my hubby who gave me the whole weekend off last weekend!

I did grades this weekend and Kyndal made all A's for the semester and actually all year.  Abby made all A's and one B for the semester and all A's last semester.  They both did very well and worked hard and I'm proud of them.  Kyndal graduates from kindergarten in 2 weeks.

The girls made some sweet potato plants in one of their classes at church a couple of weeks ago and brought them home and they are growing like crazy.  Yes I know I need to put them in a pot, but we haven't made it that far yet!

We have all gotten colds around here except for Craig and hopefully he won't.  AC started getting sick last Wednesday, then I did on Thursday, and A and K started getting sick yesterday.  It seriously had me down and feeling awful yesterday, but we all seem to be better today.

Anna Claire is such a joy and a sweet little thing, but boy can she be a mess.  A few cute things she says that I want on record are when she gets excited she calls Craig "Dagey", she calls both big girls "Nunu", when she wants you to pick her up or put her down she says "Dowa" (I have no idea what that means, but she does).

We will be cleaning house good around here tomorrow.  We have our 1st home study on Tuesday.  We also have our 9th GPS (adoption) class on Tuesday, which means we only have 1 left after that.  Hooray!!

Abby loves to play photographer with my camera, so here a few I found on here from her...

Abby and Kyndal are always doing their gymnastics "stunts" in the living room and Anna Claire tries so hard to do them too.  She actually does some of them pretty good, others are just hilarious.  She was trying to do a bridge up (what they call it at class), back bend (what I always knew it to be) last night, but I didn't get her right in the action, but it was definitely a good try.  She's a funny girl!

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Tesha said...

Happy Mother's day!!! I am glad you were blessed, I love the sweet pictures of you girls:)