Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend in pics

Friday:  A playdate with Blair and a family walk on the trail (no pics of that)!

Saturday:  A family walk on the trail (no pics).  Some of Craig's family came to town and we had lunch with them, then the men went to play golf together.  We had a dinner at some friends house that evening and have no pics of any of it!  However, I do have 1 pic from that day, that will come as a BIG surprise to some...

Abby holding Zoe, Aunt Rikki's dog!

While the guys played golf, I did take the girls to the hotel where they were staying to swim for a little while after Anna Claire got up from her nap.  AC didn't swim because her momma wasn't interested in swimming in the cold water.

Sunday:  After church, we had lunch with the family and then went to Rikki's wedding shower.  Again no more pics of any of that.  It's not always easy to keep my camera in hand while chasing, keeping up with, picking up and letting down a 2 year old constantly, which I wouldn't trade for anything, I just take the pics I can and role with it!!!

Love these beauties!!!:)


Julie Loftin said...

Wow! Good job Abby for holding the dog :).

Tesha said...

So sweet, I love the dog shot :)

eronmiller said...

My mouth dropped when I saw Abby holding the dog that's huge for her!!!! All the pics are cute!!