Monday, June 18, 2012

PCB 2012 (Part 2)

On Monday, we hung out at the pool all day long.  I got burned, what else is new.  Yes I wore sunscreen and coated the girls 2 or 3 times, and they got burned too.  Late that afternoon, we all got ready and went to dinner together at Mike's Oyster House.  It was good eating.  Jason (my brother) tried eating an oyster for the first time, and it was Hilarious.  Eron got it on her phone, but she doesn't know how to send it to me!  After dinner, me, Abby, Kyndal, Mom, Eron, Marley, and Jason's crew all went out to ride go-carts and get ice cream.  Craig stayed back at the house with AC and some others.  It was nice just taking the big girls out for a bit. 

This was her favorite spot.  She Hated the pool water too and would scream if you acted like you were going to put her in!
Pappy is ready...for what...I don't know!!!
GiGi getting her tan on!
Eron had already dilated a couple centimeters so she didn't get in the pool, in case her water broke and then she wouldn't know it!  Kinda funny, 2 years ago on this family trip, Craig and I were in the hospital (pre-eclampsia) getting ready to have AC, and 2 years later on the family trip, we thought Eron may not get to make it b/c Maddox might decide to make his appearance.  He's still cooking though!  Next family trip is in 2 years and little Maddox will be with us.  Wonder who will be expecting??????????????
Never boring when he is around!!
All the kiddo's (minus Jules and Maddox)
Love this precious lady (grandmother or greatgran)
She was excited to eat!!

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Tesha said...

Oh my goodness how fun!!!!! Love the picture of Poppy LOL funny :) I am glad you were blessed with this wonderful family time, SO SPECIAL!