Monday, June 25, 2012

Toddler Bed

Yesterday while I was fixing Kyndal's hair, Craig came in and said when are we going to change Anna Claire to the toddler bed.  I said lets wait a while longer.  She is pretty strong willed, so I'm thinking a toddler bed could be a challenge.  Then Kyndal says well the other night after you put us to bed Anna Claire was hanging halfway out of her bed.  I said why didn't you tell us that.  She said, I didn't know you wanted me too.  Silly girl.

Sooo, last night after church, Craig changed her crib to a toddler bed.  Sniff, sniff!  I'm not really too sentimental, but she is our last baby!

It took her over and hour and a half to go to sleep.  There was much getting up and down, whining, crying, talking, playing, anything other than falling asleep.  She finally went to sleep though.  She got up about 7 this am and was calling me and Abby and Kyndal got up and got in bed with her.

I told Craig this morning that nap time was probably over for her, because I thought it would be close to impossible to get her to lay down and sleep during the day.  She usually cries just a little bit when I lay her down at nap time.  She cried and got up but actually got back in HER bed and went to sleep.  YEAHHHHHH, I was soooooooo not ready for no more naps!  Hopefully tonight will go that smoothly.


Tesha said...

Awwww big girl. I love her bedding :)

Angie Vik said...

That bed is really cute. If that bedspread can't induce her to stay in bed and take her naps, I don't know what will.