Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick trip

Last Thursday Anna Claire had a morning appointment in Opelika and it's only 2 hours from B'ham, so we packed our things and headed home for a quick visit.  We were hoping to meet little Maddox, but he still hasn't made his arrival. 

Once we got into town, we ran some errands with Eron and Marley and then went to my moms for dinner.  We went to Ella's ballgame, but didn't get to stay for all of it, because it was lightening and it was getting so late.

Friday, the girls played at Marley's, we met GiGi for lunch, had Yogurt Mountain with Lindy, Ella, and Wyatt.  Ella came back to Eron's with us to play for the afternoon.  Then we had dinner at my brother's and all the kids swam.  It was a fun and busy day.

Saturday, we went to breakfast with mom, Eron, Marley, Greatgran, and Pa.  We waited for our food for over an hour (a bit annoying, but good time to talk and such).  Then the girls and I headed back home.  I figured I would get a call Sunday saying Maddox was coming, but he is still baking.  Can't wait to meet him.

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