Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair bows

Anna Claire hasn't worn a hair bow in over a year.  I would put them in her hair when she was a baby, but she always took them out.  Then she started the lovely twisting and I had to give her a boy haircut.  She still twist and plays with her hair all the time.  However, when I fix Abby and Kyndal's hair, she wants me to do hers too.  I'm trying to convince her that if she will leave her hair alone and let it grow some more, I could fix it cute like her sisters.  I'm not sure she gets it or even cares, but I was able to get a hair bow in it, and she left it in all day.  I was shocked!


Tesha said...

She is simply adorable!!! with or without a bow:)

eronmiller said...

Precious little girl, love her :)