Monday, January 21, 2013

Right now

I am at my hubby's office blogging while he is at home teaching the girls.  What a sweet man he is.  I get to blog in the peace and quiet!  As I was leaving I heard him doing the pledge and praying with the girls and telling them about the freedom we get to experience in this country and how we need to pray for our president and other leaders of our country.  He and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about our country and such and he said you know I think if everyone would pray for our president instead of criticizing him, things could get better.  That really made me think.  We do criticize him a lot and talk about the bad decisions we think he makes, even about how he talks, looks, etc.  We worry about our kids who are still young and have to continue to grow up here with the way our country is headed.  I'm guilty of this as well.  But, when he brought that to my attention, I thought he is so right, if we would pray every time we even think something negative, which for some is a lot, I wonder how things could change.  We are called to respect authority, and no matter how much we may not like the decisions our president makes, we should still pray for him to be led by the Lord.

So I'm challenging myself to this; praying each day for our president, leaders, soldiers, and country.  Why don't you join me, if your not there already?

Have a wonderful Monday.  A day the Lord has made, so let's rejoice and be glad in it!

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