Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little #1

Abby is a leader.  She loves to help out with Anna Claire all the time.  She loves to be with me in the kitchen and help out cooking.  She helps me out in lots of areas.  She works hard at school and does a good job.  She made all A's and B's last semester and is working hard to make all A's this semester and I believe she will do it.  She enjoys reading.  She works best when she is all alone in a room, she is very easily distracted.  She is a very sweet and good big sister to both girls.  They all have their non-lovely sister moments, but that's to be expected.  She is a Daddy's girl to the core.  She loves to sit and have him read her the Bible.  She is eager to learn.  She asks lots of questions seeking to understand.

 Enjoying her Chick fil A cone!

 This pretty girl will be 10 this year, UnBeLiEvAbLe!

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