Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little #2

Kyndal is quiet, but yet can talk your ears off at times.  She likes doing things by herself but also likes someone to play with her at times.  She can play by herself for hours though.  She works really hard in school and is very well focused.  She made all A's last semester.  She gets done with her work fairly quickly and usually has very few, if any mistakes.  She does get bummed if she doesn't understand something the first time I explain it.  She loves to read!  She Loves to aggravate people, especially her daddy and and little sister.  She is a good helper and she does lots of cleaning and helping out, without me having to ask her.  She has a tender sweet heart and I'm so blessed to be her momma.

 Eating her Chick fil A cone!

 Sassy and Sweet

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