Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Fun

After the race Thursday, the girls and I came home while Craig had a little work to do.  I tried to get the girls to take a nap since we got up at 6 and were gonna be up late that night, but they never went to sleep.  After lunch though, Anna Claire did go to sleep for about an hour, which was good.  We went to Sean and Jenn's around 2 pm for a cookout and back yard fun.  Afterwards we went to watch the fireworks and met up with several other friends.  It was really a great day full of much fun:)

Playing tossy toss (according to Sean)  O my!!!

Waiting in line for water balloons.  They would bust them as soon as you would fill them!

This kid was beyond tired after being sick for 7 days!

Some of the kids waiting for the fireworks!

It was a really great firework show:)

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