Thursday, July 4, 2013


My sweet little Abby has been sick since last Wednesday.  She has run fever, not eaten, and just laid around for 7 days.  She went to the Dr. on Tuesday, and the Dr. said she had a weird virus.  Uh, ok, thank you for your expertise!!  After a little medicine, she ate dinner and began to feel a bit better, thankfully.  Hopefully she is at the end of this sickness.

Anna Claire also has a cold, but other than coughing and sneezing, she is good.  She has been up a lot during the night coughing which makes for a tired momma, but she is okay.

One of Abby's sweet friends stopped by the house Tuesday to give Abby a little craft gift to keep her occupied while laying around trying to get better.  So very thoughtful of her:)

Poor girl, this is how she has looked for a week:(

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Julie Loftin said...

Poor Abby :(. Hope she is at the end of this "weird virus". Sounds like the doctor was very helpful :).