Friday, July 5, 2013

Freedom Run

Yesterday was my first time to run a 5K race.  It was a really hot and muggy morning and day.  There were lots of hills on the course too.  I only trained on flat ground!!!!  I'm gonna have to throw some hills into my training for the next race.  I ended up finishing at 39.2 minutes.  I had to take a few walking breaks.  I finished 6th in my division and averaged 12 minutes per mile.  I was just proud to do it and finish, so I'm happy.

Another friend of ours ran it as well, that's actually how I found out about it.  He finished 2nd in his division and averaged 6.58 minute miles.  He did awesome and won a grill at the end!  He deserved it:)

My encouraging and supportive family!

Before the race!  I was a bit nervous for some reason!


Joe coming to the finish line with an awesome time!

Check out that time!  Way to go Joe:)

That's me in the black!!!! Ha, she actually ran the 10K and passed me:)

So happy to see the finish line!

Sweet friends!  Our sweet friend Jenn came out bright and early to support, what an encouragement.  Thanks again Jenn!

Enjoying some watermelon in the heat!

So the next one is mid August.  Kyndal says she wants to run it with me, so we will see if she wants to get up early every morning and train, then I will surely let her do it.  

It was a great experience, looking forward to the next one.


Tesha Papik said...

Awesome!!!!! GREAT JOB!! I know your family is proud and what A good testimony and example you are to your girls!

Julie Loftin said...

Awesome job, Allison!! Im glad you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to do it!! Hopefully next time will be cooler :). Great time too by the way!!

eronmiller said...

Way to go sis I'm so proud of you and now you've got me wanting to do a 5k, maybe in the near future. You did awesome and you look great!!