Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around here

Since we only get about 2 months of nice summer weather, it gets pretty packed, pretty fast.  I think we have had something to do every weekend for the past 5-6 weeks and have something every weekend for the whole month of August.  However I enjoy being busy, so it's good!

O, and Bama football begins August 31.  We are excited!

Our VBS week was the hottest week ever.  It was in the low 100s.

Last week was rather cool, like in the 70s.  It's nice so far this week too.

The big girls are doing a summer reading program through the local library, so we make weekly visits to the library, and like to walk there when the weather permits.  They have until Aug 9th to finish.  Abby has about 25 hours left of reading and Kyndal has about 35 more books left to read.  They are doing 100 books, and 50 hours.  They have done very well so far.

We have made several new friends through evangelism and that's really exciting.

We don't start school until the day after Labor Day, but I have lots of things to get in order before then.  They are doing co-op this year, so that's exciting too.

Craig and I had a friendly competition this past Sunday.  I told him Saturday that I could beat him in a mile run.  Then I changed it to two thinking he would get worn out before me, since he hasn't been running.  So we decided to race.  He beat me!!!  He actually let me win, but he could have beaten me by 5 minutes at least.  It was lots of fun though and some of our friends came and walked while we ran.  I did increase my mile time by over a minute since the 7/5 5K though, so that was good.

The next 5K is on Aug. 17, so I'm looking forward to that.

The girls last race is this Thursday night.  I've got to find something else to get them involved in in the fall.  I have a few things I'm looking into!

Next week, we will have been here in NH for a year.  It has actually gone by pretty fast.  I will do a year post next week!!

We are having special visitors coming in Sept and Oct, and I'm really looking forward to that.  Our big girls will also be 8 and 10 in Sept and Oct.  Wow now that time has gone by fast.  Hard to believe and honestly I don't think about it very often at all, that in 10 more short years, we will have a 20 year old.  That's INSANE! 

Have a happy week:)

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